Traditional vs. Fingerprint Based Security System

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From the beginning of time to the present day, security systems have been an issue of concern for everyone looking to safeguard vital and important information. Walls, gates, & watchtowers were some of the security system used at that time and still these days’ to secure our home, office or premises that required security from an unwanted intruder.  These security systems has been changed by the time, and it ensures modern technology to make this security more and more secure. Advanced safety and the classical security has always differed from its kind. Now the most modernize solution is known as the fingerprint-based security system that ensures protection for your home, office or to your valuable data through biometric identity authentication.

Traditional Security System

All the security system that does not apply state of the art technology to ensure security is traditional security. Till these days some of these systems still been used in any organization to provide their safety. This security system includes

  • Pin and Password
  • Plastic ID Card
  • Security Guard(s)
  • Door lock systems
  • RFID card
  • CCTV Cameras

Fingerprint Based Security System

It is the most sophisticated security system that applies biometric to identify people. Every human being has a unique fingerprint, that will never match with others. Even though twins might look similar, their prints will never match. Keeping these concepts in mind fingerprint-based security system is invented. This system provides access control to your home, office or places that required authorized access.It also gives security to your valuable data by ensuring allow access through biometric-based fingerprint identification.  For example VisitorTrack™ is a fingerprint based visitor tracking system , this cutting-edge technology can track your visitor, restrict unwanted intruder , provides digital badge and many more.



Biometric Visitor Management Solution

Key Features:

Replace manual log, ID Cards/Badges with a secure, modern and affordable biometric solution to safeguard your premises

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The Best Security System

For the toughest, unbreakable and highest security in your chosen area (office, home, manufacturing units, etc ) fingerprint-based security system is the best option. It is the best security system on earth and cannot be replicated through standard means.

Why not Traditional Security System

The traditional security systems have so many flaws through which this system can broken into, such as:

  • A pin, which a person could guess or pass on
  • A password might get lost, hacked or passed on
  • A plastic ID can be duplicated and can incur an extra cost of reissuing them when lost.
  • RFID cards can be duplicated, and the intruder can breach the system.
  • CCTV camera can be manipulated, and some camera provides a blurry picture for which intruder cannot be easily detected.

Why use a Fingerprint based Security System

The fingerprint-based security system is the most modern security system for security. It is affordable cost saving and comes with so many benefits that traditional security system cannot offers. These benefits include:

  • Fingerprint-based security system requires no password. The finger itself work as a password of an authorized person which is unbreachable.
  • It doesn’t require any plastic id card or RFID that saves a tremendous amount of money
  • Where plastic Id can be duplicated fingerprint cannot be copied and thus ensures high security
  • It cannot be manipulated or reproduced due to its unique fingerprint feature

We are born with a unique password that does not require any memorization and cannot be stolen or manipulated. A fingerprint is the most effective way to ensure accurate identification to secure your office or data or office network. So think before you choose age-old security systems, instead go for fingerprint-based security systems.

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