Top Six Features to Assess in a Visitor Management System

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Organization whether it is government or private, small or large, school or hospital, nowadays wants to keep their premises safe and secure due to various incidents. An office premise not only has its employees but also it has visitors on a regular basis. A visitor might be a person who is there for a meetup, or for an interview, he might be a contractor, a lawyer, a supplier, anybody other than an employee is considered as a visitor on the office premise. To identify and verify these people as visitors, organizations now feeling the need for introducing visitor management system. But choosing a proper visitor management system is very important because it is not only making the premises safe but also it provides valuable insight into business operations.

You can not go for a visitor management system which is best for one reason and the average for the others. You have to pick the best solution which is customizable and scalable for your specific needs. Here are the top six must-have features businesses must consider before installing a visitor management system:

  1. Cloud: It is simple to implement

When is the last time you have saved your visitor paper sign-in sheets into a spreadsheet or what you do with those sheets of paper when the book is full? A simple solution to these hassles is the cloud. With a cloud-based system, a visitor simply enters his/her data, the cloud stores it and you have to do nothing. No more data entry responsibility.

Additionally, paper-based visitor log system is not secure. It has no privacy whatsoever. Anybody can see who has entered the building or who have left. It doesn’t provide any privacy to the visitor as well. On the other hand, a cloud-based visitor management system is secure. Only the proper authority handles with the visitors’ information.

If you are buying the system from a company who is going to provide you with a CD, you always have to look for new updates to stay bug-free. There is also a maintenance cost related to it as a support guy will visit your office and install the new updated software. On the contrary, if you buy software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you never have to worry about updating your software as you will always have the most updated version of it. You neither have to perform software maintenance nor think about new features, updates or patches as you will get them automatically.

With an installed solution you have to pay a large chunk of money at the very beginning and also have to pay monthly fees whether you have a database of 500 or 5 million. Interestingly SaaS is both customizable and affordable. Companies like M2SYS Technology provides you with a robust visitor management system – VisitorTrack™ which is very customizable and you can pay as you go.

Also, you can access your data from anywhere in the world using a cloud-based visitor management system. You have to just log in and see the data you want to see like who is currently visiting your office, who went out, who will come etc.

  1. Biometric: simplifies and secures check-in process

Places like government premises, military compounds, large organizations, theme parks; where a large number of visitors proper identification is an absolute must, can only be handled using biometric visitor management system. Paper-based visitor register is obsolete in such places because they can not provide accurate information and ensure safety. A biometric visitor management system whether it utilizes fingerprint, finger vein or iris technology is a perfect fit for those highly secured places.

With a biometric solution, a new visitor can be quickly enrolled in the system using his/her fingerprint, finger vein or iris. It takes a couple of seconds to complete the process. Biometric visitor tracking software can quickly identify new visitors and detects the entry of regular ones.

  1. Blacklist – add the unauthorized or unwanted visitor to watchlist

Where security is a main concern, pen and paper-based visitor registry system is redundant there. One cannot rely upon a manual system to add the unauthorized or unwanted visitor to watchlist. There is a high possibility anyone can fraud the system and enter the premises to breach the security. But a proper biometric visitor management solution like VisitorTrack™ is highly capable of identifying these culprits by keeping their fingerprint, finger vein, iris etc. data which is impossible to forge or steal and add them as blacklisted. Whenever these unwanted visitors want to enter the premise the system will deny their access and send a notification to the proper authority.



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  1. Customizable – enrich your visitor management experience

Every organization and enterprise is different whether it is small or large, public or private. These organizations or enterprises are different in so many ways, which is why there is not a one size fits all solution visitor management. A customizable visitor management solution can meet different needs, no matter the business’s want or need. On the other hand, if the system is not customizable it can be expensive for your business. Say, for example, your business serves to only 5000 people monthly but you are buying a one-time solution from a visitor tracker provider which has a database of 10000 guests per month. So you are paying double from what actually you should be paying.

That is why M2SYS developed a customizable visitor management system for your business called VisitorTrack™. VisitorTrack™, which is a cloud-based, biometric visitor management system. The robust system is completely customizable for specific needs within your business.

  1. Scalable – meet the requirements of large enterprise

Paper-based visitor register book can log only individual visits and it can not provide any insights regarding old and new visitors identity. Unfortunately, most of the modern visitor management system is same and it lacks the ability to provide large-scale data operation. But one of the must-have features for any top visitor management system is scalability. Because organizations now have hundreds of entry points globally. If the system cannot comply with the needs of these large enterprises than it would not meet its objective of providing safe and secure visitor tracking solution within the organization.

M2SYS Technology has created a robust and scalable cloud-based biometric visitor management system – VisitorTrack™, which fits the bill. From small business to large enterprise, VisitorTrack™ can securely manage visitor identities, it is easy to install, no maintenance cost required as it is cloud-based, and a centralized reporting for your organization to learn about old and upcoming visitor insights.

  1. Report – learn about your visitors at any given time

Another must-have feature for your visitor management system is the capability of generating reports you need to learn about your visitors on any given day. Reporting should include real-time data, apply filters to know your visitors on a specific day/time, view information of your visitors, export reports data as a CSV or PDF format for you to share and analyze etc. VisitorTrack™ is a highly customizable visitor tracking solution which provides rich visitor data which can offer valuable insight for you to define your day to day business operations. If you know your flow of visitors every day on your premises, you can utilize the premise space for optimal facilities management. Also, your sales team will benefit from the reports as they can distinguish a normal visitor from a visitor who can be a prospective lead in the future.

A visitor management system should not only provide security, it should also give your brand a prestigious recognition in the community. From a visitor’s first visit to check-out, it must create an impression which can last forever. VisitorTrack™ has the ability to play a part in improving your brand value, connect company offices worldwide and ensure security and ease of process.

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