Cloud Based Visitor Management System Launched by a Nigerian Firm

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A Nigerian technology firm came up with a new product to keep track of  customers and visitors. The company claimed it will be fit for all organizations such as an office, a school, government organizations, or even home. The technology firm wants to market the product across Africa since they said to have their fourth big client in just a month after the launch.

With this product there will be no more disturbing wait or queue at the reception. People will be able to book their appointment  from home. This new system, undoubtedly will allow for more security as well. The company stated that they are offering a very budget friendly and flexible plan for the product.

The firm’s chief growth officer said, they have built the product keeping in mind the need of the users. The product will change their experience with technology and make them feel like their needs were thought of. The company also promised to keep updating and improving the product for the customers as their needs change.

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Integration of Biometric Employee Identification with Workforce Management System


Since security is an issue in any organization or office and even at home, the right solution can be implemented with M2SYS Technology’s product, VisitorTrack™. No matter how perfect a visitor management system is, it is still vulnerable to identity theft because of the possibility of visitor fraud. However, VisitorTrack™ is a biometric cloud based visitor management system, which ensures the highest level of security preventing any identification theft. This technology totally eliminates paper work and any sort of printing of ID cards or logbook.

With the biometric technology, a visitor has to be registered with his biometric data and other necessary information once if not pre-registered. After registration with just a scan of the visitors fingerprint or finger vein, all the details of that visitor will be shown on the screen along with previous visit records. This system can also send a digital ID to the visitor’s smartphone to be scanned by the security personnel. Any documents or necessary badge pictures can be taken remotely with a smartphone and stored in the visitors account. All this data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere just by logging into the system. VisitorTrack™ has the ability to connect company offices worldwide and ensure security and ease of process.

Source: techcityng

Biometric Visitor Management Software

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