5 Reasons to Use Fingerprint Recognition Software for Secure Identification

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Technology has blessed our lives in many ways. Addition of fingerprint recognition software to our life for security purpose has added a new dimension. Once security is maintained by the so-called security guard, paper log system, traditional locks and pin, and password based devices. All these methods have come to an end; now the time has come to embrace the most innovative security technology for secure identification. Here in this article, we present five precise reasons to use fingerprint recognition software for security identification.

Unbreakable Safeguard

Fingerprint software is the unbreakable safeguard for you. Fingerprint stays with us for the entire life. It never changed and cannot be manipulated, even if someone tries to spoof the system, liveness detection technology can recognize it. It means no one can break your security, it is impossible to forge and can perform the secure identification.

Convenient Usage

Think about a situation where you have to reset the password if forgotten, think about those situations when you have to maintain a log book for every visitor that enters into your office, think about those extra costs that incur due to losing of plastic id. No doubt these are the scary situation you have faced so far due to following traditional method for identification. Fingerprint identification knows all these loopholes and is free from all these limitations. It is easy to use and have no hassle of maintaining a log book. In short, it is convenient to use for any identification project. For example,VisitorTrack™ one of the cutting-edge software for visitor management that supports fingerprint along with other biometric modalities. This software can identify your visitor, restrict intruder when required and very easy to use to track your visitor in your office premises.

Fingerprint Recognition Software Establish Accountability

No one can manipulate fingerprint-based identity management software. For example, in the traditional card system, there is a big chance of buddy punching and time theft. In fingerprint, it is entirely impossible because the person’s id is recognized by their fingerprint that can’t be copied. For instance RightPunch™ affordable time clock for Kronos and ADP helping organization in reducing buddy punching and time theft, because through this software employee feels accountable on what they are doing and get no scope to misuse the system.



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Increase Return On Investment

Fingerprint software for identification incur no extra cost; instead, it saves administration cost, and password reset cost and many more. This increase firm’s ROI. Means in one hand this front-line software ensure utmost security and on the other hand increase ROI. Isn’t it great!

Increase Productivity

Fingerprint recognition software works faster, provide an instant error free result that is undoubtedly time-saving for any organization. This lead to productivity and efficiency in the organization. When time equals money fingerprint recognition software must be considered to be a time saver and when the time is saved organization can become more productive and enjoys the rise in their ROI.

Secure identification is must require task for everybody. Identification is needed to ensure security in our workplace, school, and field level project. If ID is secure and can provide an error-free result, it is sure to keep these places secure for us. For this reason, this is high time you should deploy fingerprint based software to ensure secure identification.

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