It’s Time to Take a Simpler Approach to Visitor Management

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It almost goes without saying that we as a society have moved almost every part of our lives online to become more efficient. For instance, all the gift cards I bought for people this past Christmas were online. I simply purchased the gift card online and they were sent to the person’s smartphone. It allowed me to avoid getting stuck in traffic and it removes their burden of keeping up with plastic cards. It was more efficient for me and the person I bought it for. Some markets become more efficient faster than other markets. It seems that is exactly where we are today in the visitor management market.

Whether it is for businesses, schools, or hospitals, some sort of visitor management system is usually in place. Visitor management is not typically the first line item where people look to save money. However, so many systems used by businesses and other institutions are extremely inefficient and costly. There is either expensive software that collects more information than a federal background check or inefficient log books and kiosks that print out a badge each time someone comes to visit. Neither one makes sense, but it seems that this is the status quo for most places with visitor management systems. 

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A couple of months ago I went in to a large company for a job interview. There were three rounds of interviews and each time I went in I had to register at the front desk. After doing a little bit of research, I found the company had a $600 tablet, a $400 printer, and a $3,000 visitor management software in place to track visitors. With the business spending all this money, I still had to type my name into the tablet and wait for a new visitor badge to be printed each time I went in for an interview. It was extremely inefficient and time consuming to have to repeat the same process each time I went in. Even with all of that money spent on the visitor management system, I could have easily faked who I was each time I went in and no one would have known.

We have made the switch to going online and becoming more efficient in so many different aspects of business that there is no reason to not do the same with visitor management. That is why M2SYS developed  VisitorTrack™, a cloud-based, easy-to-use visitor management system that uses biometrics to authenticate visitors. This system allows for me to register my information at a front desk one time, and then every time I come back all I have to do is scan my biometric (e.g. fingerprint, facial, or iris). I’ll get a text message with my visitor badge to my phone each time I visit rather than having a badge printed each time.

Now, not only can we have an efficient system in place that easily keeps track of all visitors 100 percent online, but we can have one that is scalable, practical, and affordable.

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