Using the CMI Tech EF-45N Iris Scanner with M2SYS eGov’s Custom Identity Management Solutions

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When it comes to government digitization projects, there are several significant barriers, especially regarding software applications. Prominent barriers include vendor lock-ins, incompatibility with third-party systems, and the lack of customization required. Fortunately, not all solutions are the same—take the M2SYS eGov platform as an example. M2SYS eGov can be used with all popular biometric devices, matching engines, and third-party systems. Moreover, the platform can easily create and modify identity management solutions without a single line of code, drastically reducing development time. Let’s take a look at how an identity management solution created with M2SYS eGov can be easily used with a well-known iris scanner, the CMI Tech EF-45N.

CMI Tech EF-45N Iris Scanner

The CMI Tech EF-45N Iris Scanner is one of the most capable devices for identifying subjects via irises, faces, or both. Additionally, it ensures that subjects are identified accurately, quickly, and hygienically—it’s entirely contactless, making it ideal for a post-COVID-19 world.

Using the CMI Tech EF-45N Iris Scanner is extremely easy for the subjects as well. It informs them about the ideal distance they need to be for the device to recognize them.

While the iris scanner is a robust device ideal for government projects requiring iris scanning, let’s see why system integrators should use it with M2SYS eGov.

The Most Configurable eGovernance Solutions Platform

M2SYS eGov is a platform that opens up a plethora of opportunities for system integrators. The no-code platform helps build identity management solutions for government projects using drag-and-drop editors, adding custom workflows, and integrating third-party systems. Moreover, they can be used with any matching system and any biometric device available on the market!

Let’s explore how well the EF-45N scanner works with M2SYS eGov by looking at a custom identity management solution built with it – the Birth Registration System. Again, system integrators can use the web and mobile versions of the M2SYS eGov platform.

Using the CMI Tech EF-45N with M2SYS eGov’s Birth Registration System

In this scenario, Mr. Carl Johnson would like to obtain the birth certificate of his son, Richard. Since his son is a newborn, the Birth Registration System will register Richard’s record by enrolling Mr. Johnson’s irises. Once the iris scanning is complete, the administrator enters demographic details, saves the record, and finalizes the registration of the guardian in the Birth Registration Database.

While that was the registration process, what about verifying Mr. Johnson’s identity?

Well, coupled with M2SYS eGov’s Birth Registration System, the EF-45N Iris Scanner quickly identifies Mr. Johnson. First, the administrator clicks on the biometric search option, prompting the Iris UI to pop up and instruct the subject to place their eyes within the frame. As soon as the biometric device takes a suitable scan, the system compares it with the ones from the database. When a match is found, the Birth Registration System informs the user, and the birth certificate is provided to Mr. Johnson.

That was just one example of the M2SYS eGov platform. Our platform can help build highly configurable eGovernance solutions. System administrators can use any biometric device, customize workflows, and integrate with any third-party system using our platform. In addition, the M2SYS eGov platform removes the cost, hassle, and headaches associated with the development and ongoing maintenance, unlike other eGovernance systems.

System integrators can use any biometric hardware, matching engines, and third-party systems—our platform can provide the entire solution without writing a single line of code!

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