Eliminate Biometric Vendor Lock-In with M2SYS eGovernance Solutions

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Let’s face it—government digitization projects can be cumbersome, have endless requirements, and take a long time to finish. Several vendors, solution providers, integrators, government agencies, and a lot of paperwork are typically involved with these projects. Government projects become even more complex when one throws identification into the mix.  Integrators need to ensure that the solution works flawlessly with the biometric hardware, software, and third-party systems. While it might sound simple, deploying government biometric projects is easier said than done. Several technical complications, codes, and connectors require integrators to learn about biometrics from scratch to connect them with their solutions and make them work properly. Those experienced with these projects know how complex and lengthy they can be. But there’s another significant problem we haven’t talked about yet—biometric vendor lock-ins.

Biometric Vendor Lock-in Hampers Government Projects

Vendor lock-in simply refers to system integrators being dependent on specific biometric hardware for their projects. While it has advantages, vendor lock-ins can do more harm than good. For starters, the hardware might not be up to the mark, or the government agency might have specific hardware requirements. Vendor lock-ins force system integrators to use the hardware they’re working with, which might lead to project delays and even cancellations. Switching costs are high if you need to work with other vendors, and the coding and integration may need to be started from scratch.

The system integrators already have to connect, modify, and test hand-coded solutions for each project due to differences in locality, rules, regulations, and other factors. Biometric vendor lock-ins are an extra hassle that messes up these projects.

What if there’s a way to eliminate these problems so that system integrators can rapidly develop, test, and deploy solutions? What if there is a way to be free of biometric vendor lock-ins?

The answer to these problems is M2SYS eGov, an operating system for government digitization projects.

Break the Barrier of Biometric Hardware Vendor Lock-ins with M2SYS eGov

M2SYS eGov is a platform with highly configurable e-governance solutions for different agencies and institutions. eGov’s solutions support biometrics and can be easily modified and connected with third-party systems. The best part is that M2SYS eGov is open for all, meaning system integrators can either use their existing biometric hardware vendors or opt for any other hardware vendor they want without any coding or hassle!

Connecting biometric scanners and government biometric projects aren’t easy; however, M2SYS eGov is hassle-free, and we’ve got over two decades of experience to prove it. In addition, our e-governance solutions seamlessly work with any biometric hardware device, ABIS solution, and capture tools, eliminating vendor lock-ins and opening up new opportunities for system integrators.

Integrators simply can use their preferred biometric technology, modify the solutions, connect required third-party systems, and deploy projects rapidly. The M2SYS eGov platform reduces development time by 95%—we’re not kidding! Instead of taking months of coding and integration, system integrators can develop complete solutions within weeks using M2SYS eGov. For instance, we gave a demo recently where we modified one of our e-governance solutions in days—something that blew the prospect away! That’s the power of the M2SYS eGov platform.

Have biometric vendor lock-in issues, have a government digitization project in hand, or want to learn more about our e-governance solutions? Contact M2SYS now and find out how we can streamline your government digitization projects and eliminate vendor lock-ins!

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