How to Automate Government Services Without Manual Coding

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Government services are one of the most essential yet complicated projects to automate, as they involve multiple agencies and workflows. Government services must be automated to achieve a true eGovernment, but the process includes many hurdles, such as budget constraints and long development cycles. But there is an easy solution to automating government services let’s find out more. 

What is eGovernment Service?

The delivery of services inside the government, as well as between the government and the general public, via information and communication technology is referred to as digital government services, or “e-government.” The pension management system, the renewal of driver’s licenses, and the application for birth registration are all examples of common automated services. 

Historically, the provision of governmental services has been carried out in person, by separate agencies situated in a variety of places, and frequently via paper forms. The delivery of information and services to citizens at any time, at any location, and via any platform or device is now made possible thanks to automated services.

Benefits of Automating Government Services

Government services automation may seem complicated and time-consuming, but it brings a lot of benefits along the way. Here are some of the benefits of automating government services: 

  1. Better Workflows: 

Agencies can automate services that used to be done by hand by combining their existing hardware with advanced SaaS-based form and document management and workflow automation software. The risks, mistakes, and delays that come with old ways of doing things, as well as the costs that go along with them, can be reduced or eliminated, and security and privacy laws can be upheld. 

  1. Minimize Cost: 

According to multiple studies, workflow automation can save a lot of money, which can be passed on to customers or used to improve services in other ways. Respondents said that they could cut their overall costs by 9% if they were able to fix all the problems with how they work with their constituents.

  1. Improved Service: 

 In a time when people are becoming more cynical and doubtful about how effective and accountable the government is, it’s important to step up service delivery and respond to the people’s needs with automated services. 

How to Automate Government Services

Now, let’s ask the burning question: how can we automate government services? You have a few options. You could hire a team of developers, which will cost you a fortune, with no guarantee that the projects will finish on time. Or you can use an AI-based, no-code eGov platform by M2SYS

M2SYS has over two decades of experience as a global provider of e-Government software solutions. Building off all this expertise, M2SYS developed the eGov Platform. It is a no-code AI platform that allows you to create any web or mobile application without writing a single line of code. M2SYS eGov is a field-deployable biometric authentication system that can advance biometric verification. There are also a handful of pre-built apps that can be used right away. These applications can also be tailored to match the needs of any government, all with no coding knowledge necessary.

Why waste your time and money on developing software for automation when you can have it delivered to you? M2SYS offers complete automation for a wide range of government services. Here are the top applications for government automation: 

  1. Pension management 
  2. Prison management 
  3. eLaw enforcement management 
  4. Birth Registration
  5. Death Registration
  6. Marriage Registration
  7. Immunization Program for Children
  8. Vaccine Registration 
  9. Farmers’ Cooperative
  10. Smart City application 

Any application offered by M2SYS eGov can be tailored to fit the needs of any government without any complex coding. You can even develop any application with zero programming knowledge. To get a FREE DEMO of the platform or any application get in touch with us today.  

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