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With technology gradually improving and trends changing, it’s not just businesses that need to change and work more efficiently. Governments play a crucial role in all social activities, ensuring things run smoothly. They, too, need to improve and digitize everything they do internally and work well with other departments.

With global citizens accepting the digital government, many developing countries still struggle to shift their everyday simple operation processes such as filling out online forms for different certifications and registering citizens to the national database. 

Issues and Challenges to Government Projects  

Adopting eGovernment projects is not a simple process. Many problems and challenges affect the implementation of eGovernment. These problems significantly affect how governments grow and work and their ability to offer digital services and transactions. Many countries worldwide have problems with technical tools like software, hardware, and ICT infrastructure, which are essential for the implementation and spread of e-government. Building software for government projects is one of the biggest challenges, from searching for vendors, selecting the development team, and integrating the final software into the existing system. Development takes a lot of time, and the final software often doesn’t meet the government’s requirements. In this development process, the project gets delayed, and sometimes even canceled. Other government challenges include administrative competencies to implement and run e-government projects and citizens’ trust in their data.  

Moreover, Government projects frequently require the inclusion of citizen biometric data; thus, the software system must be supported to capture biometric data using fingerprints, finger veins, facial recognition, or iris scans. Multiple biometric modalities and matching systems are often challenging to integrate into systems. This is one of the biggest reasons why e-government projects fail, and system developers usually take a long time to furnish the software.  

Big Problem and Small Solution with M2SYS eGov 

Every problem has a solution, and issues related to the government project have a simple solution available that many aren’t aware of. Building software from scratch is an outmoded process, and typing code after code is a part of the traditional development process. These problems can all be solved with one single solution. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, M2SYS eGov is ideally positioned to address issues unique to the government at the federal, state, and municipal levels. This unique system acts as an operating system to reduce the delivery cycle and eliminate the risk of maintaining those systems. The system can even connect any ABIS, biometric sensor, or third-party system, so there is no need to develop an extra matching system, and agencies don’t need to worry about integration. The M2SYS eGov solution offers a wide range of applications already available on the platform, and all those apps are configurable to meet the agency’s requirements.  

In order to establish an information communications technology-enabled society where our solutions contribute to improved safety, security, efficiency, and equality, M2SYS is devoted to integrating our best-in-class technology and expertise. Our goal is to allow individuals to have richer, more fulfilled lives is our goal. Contact us today to learn more about the eGov solution.

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