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Citizens today expect efficient and accessible government services. 73% of citizens believe that governments should provide more online services – Deloitte. From permit applications to the administration of social security benefits, an effective online experience is no longer a plus but a must. It is for this reason that governments are undertaking very ambitious digitization initiatives. The traditional approach towards eGovernance solutions often comes loaded with issues related to long development cycles and high costs. Here is where the M2SYS eGov Platform acts: it is the eGovernance solution that fast-tracks the digitization projects of governments, reducing development time and cost by as much as 95%.

Why Government Projects Struggle with Traditional Methods

Government agencies frequently demand solutions compatible with different systems, hardware from different vendors, and customized workflows for particular needs. A 2021 study by McKinsey & Company revealed that government departments usually deal with a complicated IT environment, having an average of 190 different applications in use. Conventional ways generally need custom coding for each project, which causes the project to take a lot of time and increases the probability of errors.

Citizen needs and government regulations keep on changing. Traditional eGovernance solutions, based on strict codebases, cannot adjust fast to these changes. This can cause expensive rewrites and delays, which, in turn, will prevent the governments from being able to fulfill their promises.

A 2020 report by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) stresses the growing demand for governments to be flexible to the fast technological progress and the new citizen’s requirements.

Finding skilled developers with the necessary experience in government IT systems is not easy, adding to the project timelines and the costs. A 2023 study by the Center for Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies at Georgetown University revealed a big gap in the government IT workforce skills.

The M2SYS eGov Solution: Powering Efficient Government Digitization

The M2SYS eGov Platform is a revolutionary eGovernance solution designed to overcome these traditional challenges. It offers AI-powered tools that empower governments to build and deploy robust digital solutions quickly and efficiently.  Here’s how M2SYS eGov tackles the problems that plague traditional methods:

M2SYS eGov is built on the foundation of AI and machine learning algorithms that facilitate the automation of tasks that are usually repeated like workflow creation and data integration. Therefore, the automation of the coding process considerably shortens the development time compared to manual coding, thus enabling the project teams to concentrate on other resources. According to Forrester Research, the application development time can be reduced by 70% due to automation.

The platform has an open architecture that can be easily linked with the third-party systems and hardware of the previous. This, in turn, cuts down the expenses and time spent on the custom integrations, thus enabling the agencies to use their already available infrastructure. A 2022 IDC report showed that organizations with open IT architectures could reduce IT costs by 30%.

Zero-Code Development

M2SYS eGov is designed to be user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop interface and pre-built components, thus empowering the users. This implies that government agencies can have their eGovernance solutions configured and customized without writing a single line of code. The work is done faster, and the non-technical staff can participate in the development process.

M2SYS eGov doesn’t just reduce development time; it fosters a more collaborative and agile approach to government digitization projects.

Take Away

The M2SYS eGov Platform is an eGovernance solution and the operating system for government digitization projects. Through AI, automation, and a user-friendly interface, M2SYS eGov enables governments to provide efficient, cost-effective, and citizen-centric services. Contact  M2SYS today to learn more about the eGov Platform and how it can help your agency reach its goals. The government services should be accessible and efficient and should empower the citizens to thrive. Therefore, we should work together to build a future where government services are accessible and efficient and enable citizens to thrive.

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