Top 3 eGovernment Solutions that Make Government Digitization Projects Easier

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While eGovernance is already widely used in several developed countries, its presence is quite scarce in most developing countries. In fact, in the least developed countries, the concept of eGovernance might not even be present. As a result, government agencies still use ancient methods to run the government, such as excel sheets, binders, and even paper-based systems! Fortunately, eGovernment solutions are slowly but steadily seeping into developing countries –thanks to the internet, powerful yet affordable devices, and the age of digitization.

While many eGovernance solutions are available, some are more important than others, especially for developing countries that are just starting to digitize their government processes. That being said, let’s look at some essential eGovernment solutions that governments of developing countries can deploy to start digitizing their processes and improve the quality of public service, among other things.

Top eGovernment Solutions that Developing Countries Need

Law Enforcement Management System

While some other departments and agencies require eGovernance solutions, Law Enforcement Management systems are at the top of the list, as they help one of the most critical agencies of any government: law enforcement. Managing law enforcement agencies can be cumbersome, especially if manual systems are involved. These consist of high-pressure environments, documentation, complaints, investigation, suspect identification, etc. Just imagine the commotion it creates when all of this has to be done using pens, paper, and manual processes! In addition, human errors, delays, and other administrative issues are prevalent in such cases, and can lead to life-threatening mistakes.

A solution like Law Enforcement Management System can help digitize all operational aspects of, you guessed it, law enforcement agencies. For example, complaint tracking, investigations, documentation management, case diary management, suspect identification, and more are digitized using the solution.

A robust Law Enforcement Management System helps keep all of the case information in a centralized location, ensures that authorized users can securely access it anywhere, and boosts collaboration – helping teams boost investigations, generate leads, and solve crimes.

Jail and Inmate Management Solutions

Jail and inmate management is a sensitive and critical aspect of any government – it helps ensure the safety and security of the general public. Imagine if the wrong inmate was mistakenly released – the consequences would be drastic! Unfortunately, while most developed countries already have robust jail and inmate management systems, developing countries don’t, which hinders safety and security.

Fortunately, eGovernment solutions are available to tackle all of the above and more – and the M2SYS’s Prison Management System is one of them. It ensures security with biometric identification so that the wrong inmate is never released, keeps all the crucial information centralized so that it can be accessed by authorized users from web browsers or smartphones, and automates and digitizes paperwork and manual processes. As a result, users can quickly access information – boosting efficiency, collaboration, and safety.

The Prison Management System also provides detailed reports and valuable insights that can be viewed from the customizable dashboard, helping make informed decisions efficiently.

Pension Management System

Another important aspect that governments need to digitize is pension management. There’s a lot of room for mistakes, fraud, corruption, and risk with paper-based systems and binders, which cannot be easily backtracked. When pension management is digitized using eGovernment solutions, everything is traceable, and is recorded accurately – and if biometrics are thrown into the mix, then fraudulent pension distribution is prevented.

M2SYS eGov’s Pension Management System is a tried and tested solution that prevents fraudulent pension distribution while ensuring high security and accountability. Biometric identification ensures that the appropriate retiree is receiving the pension.

M2SYS eGovernment Solutions Automate Processes and Digitize Data

The three apps above barely scratch the surface – M2SYS has a plethora of highly configurable eGovernment solutions that system integrators can utilize to best meet the requirements of government digitization projects. As a result, government agencies can use the solutions to streamline their operations, automate manual processes, and improve responsiveness – ensuring a higher quality of public service that citizens deserve.

All sensitive information is digitized and kept in a secure and centralized location (on-premise or in the cloud). As a result, government agencies can easily ensure property management, case management, voter registration management, trade license management, driver registration management, and more with our robust eGov platform. System integrators can also build configurable solutions, integrate with third-party systems, and more without a single line of code.

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