M2SYS Allows Colleges to Customize Their Visitor Management System

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College Visitor Management

Every college and university is different, whether it is big or small, public or private, or a STEM or liberal arts school. Each school has a unique identity that helps make it a special place with a unique culture. Even deeper than the school as a whole, each department inside the school has their own uniqueness about them. Departments within the university often have separate wants, needs, and processes.  For instance, the business school might have a different policy for guest speakers than the engineering school, or Housing and Residence might handle visitor management differently than Business Services.

For this reason, M2SYS developed a customizable visitor management system for colleges and universities called VisitorTrack™. VisitorTrack™, which is a cloud-based, biometric visitor management system is completely customizable for specific needs within universities.

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Sometimes the only need is to simply keep track of visitors checking in and out of a dorm by just keeping their name and biometric on file. This is simple, but it allows the Housing and Residence department to keep track of troublesome visitors and prevents them from creating multiple identities within the system. So if somebody comes in and is a disruption in the living community, VisitorTrack™ would be able to blacklist their biometric. So any time that visitor tried to come back to visit the dorm VisitorTrack™ would automatically notify the proper authority.

Colleges or departments might need to record more details on visitors when they visit.  Some colleges might need to have the ability to track the visitor on campus. That is why M2SYS created a mobile app with our visitor management system. VisitorTrack™ can send an electronic badge to the visitor’s phone so they can be checked by security or other personnel with the app. Another way VisitorTrack could be used  if an Auxiliary or Business services department needs to hire a contractor and record several details about their visit, such as who they are visiting, the number of times they have visited, and who they are associated with. This allows for a concrete audit trail if there was ever a discrepancy with the number of visits billed in accounting.

M2SYS knew that colleges are different in so many ways, which is why we are seeing that there is not a one size fits all solution visitor management. That is why we make VisitorTrack™ customizable to different needs, so no matter the school’s want or need we can help meet it.

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