M2SYS’ VisitorTrack Can Help Colleges Prevent Sexual Assault

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Over the past several years, brave men and women have come forward to illuminate the ongoing sexual assault issue in the United States. College campuses are a place for learning, personal growth, and ideas that allow students to prepare for the challenges of the world. College enables students to enjoy a good time and to socialize at all sorts of campus events and parties. Most of the time, students are safe within these environments, however, we continue to see through published stories of campus assault that a fun night out with friends can quickly turn into a harrowing nightmare.

Many of these activities take place in college dormitories and allow students to socialize where they live. Some students will invite friends or siblings from different colleges to visit and enjoy socializing at their respective universities. These events often lead to a great social atmosphere; r, but there are too many instances of sexual harassment and assault in college dorms.

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Colleges are doing a lot to make sure that perpetrators of sexual assault are held responsible. However, individuals committing these crimes as campus visitors can be difficult to track. If they are not identified properly when they visit, they can easily return under a fake identity or alias. This makes it harder for college authorities to hold people who commit these crimes responsible.

This is why M2SYS created VisitorTrack™, a cloud-based, biometric visitor management system that is customizable for college dorms. VisitorTrack™ allows each visitor to be registered with a unique biometric identifier (e.g. fingerprint or finger vein). This ensures that returning visitors presenting a fake name or ID are correctly identified. Individuals accused of sexual assault can be flagged in the system so an alert is immediately displayed when they return. This will prevent people who have been blacklisted for sexually assaulting a student to revisit the campus residences.

VisitorTrack™ also establishes a concrete audit trail of visitors to each dorm. The visitor queue gives Housing and Residence Life administrators a full list of persons that have visited each facility. So, VisitorTrack™ enables the department to run a report of visitors that were in the building on the date of a reported incident. This allows colleges to see a list of visitors and who they were visiting to simplify the process of finding the perpetrator of the assault or harassment.

There is still a lot of work to do on the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. However, with victims continuing to come forward and colleges continuing their commitment to helping their students, we are making strides to fight this terrible problem. M2SYS is proud to offer VisitorTrack™ as part of the solution.

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