Easily Build Custom ID Management Solutions With Futronic FS60 and IB’s Slapshot

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We’ve already discussed how easily identity management solutions created with our eGov platform work with popular biometric hardware and software. This is crucial for system integrators as incompatibility issues regarding third-party systems and hardware can drastically increase the development cycle, delaying the project. M2SYS eGov prevents this as it works seamlessly with third-party systems and biometric solutions. With that said, let’s take a look at an identity management solution created with our eGov platform that perfectly works with two popular biometric solutions, the Futronic FS60 fingerprint scanner and Slapshot by Integrated Biometrics.

An Overview of M2SYS eGov, Futronic FS60, and IB Slapshot

The “Open for All” eGov Platform

The M2SYS eGov platform is the ideal tool for system integrators to develop custom identity management solutions for government projects. While it consists of existing highly configurable eGovernance solutions, the platform helps system integrators create entirely new ones, all without a single line of code! With M2SYS eGov, integrators don’t need to create hand-coded solutions—they can use the platform’s drag-and-drop editors, add workflows and automation, and integrate with required third-party systems. Moreover, eGov’s different solutions also work with popular biometric hardware and software – no SDK required! Everything is configurable and works flawlessly with M2SYS eGov.

The Futronic FS60 Fingerprint Scanner

The Futronic FS60 is an ideal solution for reliable fingerprint scanning in high-traffic environments such as border control, electronic ID, vaccine registration, and similar applications. The fingerprint device connects via USB and can scan up to four fingerprints at once, capturing an individual’s biometric data at once, saving time in the process. The fingerprint device is perfect for large-scale projects where subjects must be processed quickly and accurately.

Slapshot by Integrated Biometrics (IB)

On the other hand, IB’s Slapshot is a biometric solution that ensures contactless identification using smartphones and tablets—it turns an Android device into a mobile identity device. The subject simply needs to place their fingers when the solution asks for it for enrollment, verification, or booking.

Let’s look at how easily a custom identity management solution made with our eGov platform, Vaccine Registration System, can be used with the aforementioned biometric solutions.

Using Futronic FS60 and IB’s Slapshot with M2SYS eGov

Vaccine Registration Systems have been used for various purposes across countries for several years. However, advancements in Vaccine Registration Systems skyrocketed with the pandemic for obvious reasons.

A Vaccine Registration System helps keep a database of citizens’ vaccination records, which vaccines they’ve received, and which ones they’re applicable for. Post-pandemic, vaccination certificates may be required for traveling, jobs, education, and other aspects of a citizen’s life. Jeffrey needs to be enrolled in his city’s Vaccine Registration System, and the agency uses M2SYS eGov for easier registrations and enrollments.

When Jeffrey comes to the registration center for enrollment, the administrator uses the Futronic FS60 device to scan Jeffrey’s fingerprints. While doing so, the Vaccine Registration System also searches for duplicate and existing records using Jeffrey’s fingerprints. Once no duplicates are found, the user enters the relevant demographic information and saves Jeffrey’s record, adding him to the database.

When Jeffrey moves forward to receive the vaccine, IB’s Slapshot is used at the point of vaccination to identify him via his fingerprints. The volunteer clicks on the biometric search option on the Android device, promoting the IB Slapshot interface to pop up, and instructing Jeffrey to place his fingers for a match. Once the match is found, Jeffrey receives the vaccine.

This was just one use case of M2SYS eGov—system integrators can create and modify identity management applications and use them with popular biometric solutions and third-party systems. Since no coding is required for the eGov solutions, system integrators can rapidly develop, test, and deploy solutions for their eGovernment projects.

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