Research Suggests Canadians Seek to Have a Future with Biometrics

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Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) sponsored by Visa, a  market research group put together a survey that showed most Canadians want to use biometrics. The study was conducted on a sample of a thousand adults to find out about their perceptions and knowledge of biometric security. The study revealed that the majority of Canadians wanted to use biometrics, especially when it came to security measures.

According to the research, almost 85 percent of people know about biometric security and almost 59 percent of people want to use biometric security for personal identification and making payments or transactions. Visa stated this study is a reflection of the people’s desire to use biometrics in secure monetary transactions to avoid hassle. Gord Jamieson, Head of Risk Services in Visa Canada said the reason for this demand is consumers have been getting used to biometrics in their smartphones. Consumers now want to use their mobile phones to access their accounts and make transactions.

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According to the survey, 44 percent of the people from the  agree that biometrics is more secure than passwords or PINs. Almost, 32 percent Canadians have left an unfinished online transaction due to forgetting their pins or passwords according to Visa. It showed Canadians do not use multiple passwords or PINs for their different accounts since they are easy to forget. The survey revealed people want more security and they believe biometrics is faster and easier than the existing system.

Visa states that 57 percent of Canadians have at one time used fingerprint scanner, and 25 percent use it regularly. Even with voice recognition, nearly 40 percent of people have at least tried it at some point. The number of people associated with iris scanner is much lower than fingerprint users, according to the report.

Even with the increasing number of people using biometrics there is still concern among consumers. The survey states that 44 percent of people still have concern over the level of security biometrics provides and 43 percent believe the process will take multiple times to authenticate.

Although there is some concern among consumers about biometrics, the data suggest people are becoming more willing to use biometrics, and it seems Visa is planning accordingly.

Source: Visa Canada

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