Ethiopia’s biometric national ID project is advancing rapidly

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Ethiopia is one of the latest countries to implement a biometric national ID system. While the government has just recently completed the pilot project, it is already learning from countries that have already deployed digital biometric national identity systems, which will help it avoid costly mistakes.

The groundwork is being built for the identification system’s national adoption. The Fayda biometric national ID will purportedly serve as a citizen’s legal and functional identification and will be integrated into the civil registry system. Furthermore, it will aid the country’s digital transformation by facilitating a wide range of transactions, digital services, and more.

Currently, Ethiopian KYC processes rely on ancient methods such as paper and manual processing. Fayda intends to change that by incorporating it into the existing functional ID systems used to identify Ethiopian residents on a daily basis – imagine the changes it will bring! It will not only be faster, but it will also be more accurate than ever before, preventing fraudulent actions.

Ethiopia had other things in mind

Ethiopia has long desired to upgrade its identification system. Previously, the purpose was to prevent fraudulent activity by detecting “ghost” accounts; presently, the goal is to make citizens’ interactions more straightforward, more efficient, accurate, and speedier. The biometric national ID project would include a much larger number of people and deliver more services to its citizens.

It was a long journey toward the biometric national ID project

Things used to be complicated with Ethiopia and its identifying procedures. For starters, ministries were segmented and incompatible. As a result, citizens had to establish their IDs again for processes, even if the services were in the exact location.

Fayda is designed to make life easier for citizens by allowing them to acquire credentials without needing specific documents. In addition, people without fingerprints can also register. The best part is that registering is completely free.

The plan for increasing adoption and trust in the biometric national ID system is currently being developed.

In the pilot project, over 100,000 people enrolled with the system; presently, according to NIDP, it’s over 350,000. Officials will put it to the test in the coming months.

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