Creating ID Management Solutions With Iris ID iCAM TD100 and M2SYS eGov

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We’ve recently covered how our eGov platform works seamlessly with prominent biometric hardware solutions. Today, we’re focusing on an iris scanner, the Iris ID iCAM TD100. For identity-based government projects, solutions that work with any biometric hardware and software are crucial to prevent vendor lock-ins, unforeseen issues, and delays. Let’s deep dive into the iris scanner and how the M2SYS eGov platform is used to create a custom identity management solution that works perfectly with the device.

The Iris ID iCAM TD100 in a Nutshell

The Iris ID iCAM TD100 is a popular biometric capture device that can be used for two modalities—face and iris matching. It captures, scans, and matches photos and irises of subjects, making it an ideal biometric device for contactless applications. The iris scanner applies to workforce management, hospitals, government projects, and other industries that want a hygienic, contactless solution to identify subjects.

M2SYS eGovernance Solutions

M2SYS eGov is a state-of-the-art platform for government digitization projects. System integrators can easily create and modify eGovernance solutions without coding, connect them with third-party systems, and use them with popular biometric software and hardware solutions. M2SYS eGov helps rapidly develop and deploy government projects by reducing development time drastically.

Let’s look at how a custom identity management solution created using M2SYS eGov, the Farmer’s Cooperative solution, flawlessly works with the Iris ID iCAM TD100.

Using Iris ID iCAM TD100 with M2SYS eGov

M2SYS eGov’s Farmer’s Cooperative solution is used by members of the farming society to provide microfinance services to farmers, such as loans. To prevent fraudulent activities and ensure proper loan distribution, the society requires farmers to verify their identities.

James, a local farmer, applies for $10,000 to cultivate his crops. The society requires a background check before processing and approving the loan.

When James is called regarding the loan, the Farmer’s Cooperative solution administrator registers him using his face and irises. The biometric information is captured using the Iris ID iCAM TD100. Once the information is captured, the solution checks for duplicates. After scanning for duplicates, the administrator enters relevant demographic information and saves James’ record in the database.

Once James’ loan request is approved, the society will verify his identity using the Farmer’s Cooperative solution and the iris scanner when he comes in to receive the loan. Once his face is placed in the required position, the iris scanner will compare the biometric information and, after a positive match, verify James’ identity so that he can receive the loan.

That’s just one example—M2SYS eGov can be used to create any identity-based solution for government projects. With eGov, everything is configurable and works seamlessly with any third-party system and biometric solution.

Contact M2SYS now to learn more about eGov, its capabilities, and how it can help you reduce the development cycle of your government project.

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