Easily Build Custom ID Management Solutions With the CMITech EMX-30 Iris Scanner and M2SYS eGov

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Government digitization projects depend on several factors—including the numerous devices and software used. For instance, a Law Enforcement Management System and biometric hardware are required for law enforcement and suspect identification. However, no matter how well the project is planned or implemented, it won’t serve its purpose if the chosen hardware and software don’t work well together. Furthermore, incompatible solutions will lead to delays, issues, higher costs, and unforeseen effects. As a result, government projects need to choose robust solutions (both hardware and software) to improve operations and services and optimize costs. Fortunately, M2SYS eGov solutions are robust, highly configurable, reliable, and work well with any popular biometric solution. Let’s look at a popular iris biometrics device, CMITech EMX-30, and how well it works with the M2SYS eGov platform.

The CMITech EMX-30 Iris Scanner

The CMITech EMX-30 is a respected biometric device for iris scanning used by organizations and institutions that want to provide a contactless experience. Whether for enrollment or authentication, on a desktop, kiosk, or countertop, the “iris imager” does it all. It even auto tilts to capture a subject’s irises—no readjustments required! All in all, the CMITech EMX-30 iris scanner is one of the more versatile biometric hardware solutions available.

The M2SYS eGov Platform

The M2SYS eGov platform helps system integrators drastically simplify their government biometric projects. Integrators can either create new solutions from scratch or choose one of the existing ones—all of which require no coding! Integrators use drag-and-drop editors to modify the solution, connect hardware and third-party systems, and test it—it’s that easy!

Let’s explore how well the CMITech EMX-30 iris scanner works with M2SYS eGov’s Death Registration System.

eGov’s Death Registration System and CMITech EMX-30

Death is an unwelcome but unavoidable part of life. When someone dies, their death certificate is a vital document required for several reasons, such as availing insurance benefits, pension (if applicable), settling descendants’ estates, and other administrative applications. Typically, the government provides the family with death certificates after a citizen passes away.

After Jessica’s death, her son, David, visited the records office to collect her death certificate. In order to register David and prevent duplicates and fraud, the office needed to enroll and verify David’s identity. The office used the CMITech EMX-30 iris biometrics device to scan David’s irises. Once the scanning is complete, and everything is verified, David’s demographic information is recorded in the database—naming him as the applicant for the death certificate.

After the information is verified and all processes are complete, David is called to the office to collect the certificate. Upon arrival, David’s biometrics are scanned again for verification using the CMITech EMX-30 iris scanner, and, after a positive match, he receives Jessica’s death certificate.

That’s just one example of what can be done with the M2SYS eGov platform. Its custom eGovernance solutions seamlessly work with any popular biometric solution or third-party system and can be configured to meet any government agency’s requirements. Contact us now to learn more about M2SYS eGov and how it can drastically improve your government projects and reduce development time.

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