M2SYS Podcast – eGovernment Solution That Works Seamlessly With Watson Mini Two Print

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The fingerprint is one of the most commonly used biometric modalities for government services, and many software and applications are designed with the modality in mind. The Watson Mini is a two-fingerprint scanner that has a history of use for different types of government software. Developing government software that works seamlessly with Watson Mini or any other fingerprint scanner can be a big headache. Keeping this in mind M2SYS has developed the eGov Solution that works Seamlessly With the Watson Mini Two Print device. Ekram and Ifran had a session where they discussed the eGov platform and Watson Mini Two Print. 

Podcast Transcript

Ifran: Hi, this is Ifran and I am a Digital Marketing Analyst from M2SYS. Welcome to the first of the many discussions that we gonna have which will involve eGovernment solutions, and different biometric scanners today we will focus on eGovernment solutions and a very special device which is Watson mini two print. Today I have Mr. Ekram with me who is currently working as a Business Automation Engineer at M2SYS. So Ekram, how are you doing today?  

Ekram: Yes Hello Ifran thank you for having me here. I am doing well thank you.

Ifran: I am also thrilled to have you on board with me. So let’s start with the eGovernment solution. How does it work? Can you please shed some light on it?    

Ekram: Yeah sure.  eGovernment solutions basically refer to the use of information technology that amplifies the efficiency of the government services that are provided to the public. It is one of the most effective forms of Government to Citizen, Citizen to Government, and Government to Business solutions. Such solutions are very popular all around the world. These solutions have led to the digital revolution of governments across many countries. It ensures governments’ access to information, and data security, and reduces the load of paperwork and manual processes which require human intervention.

Ifran: So it’s clear that different governments around the world have different policies and processes. What are the challenges one might face when they want to build an eGovernment solution from scratch? 

Ekram: That’s a very good question. Having an eGovernment solution may sound very promising or enticing. However, the fact is that building a fully functional eGovernment solution is very very challenging. Let me tell you why:

The first thing you need to get a solution like this in your hand is finding the right team. Assembling a team to work for you in a large-scale project like this can be really difficult. You need the right set of developers for these projects that are focused and aligned with your goals and what you want to achieve. They need to feel the same way about your project they way you feel. This is very important

The next challenge is financing. As you can presume, these kinds of projects require heavy financing. People who finance these kinds of projects have to operate within a certain budget. Depending on your resources, your budget may be big or small, but the problem here is that having a big budget doesn’t guarantee you the best outcome. Because in projects like these, you might face different kinds of scenarios. In most cases, people over-promise and then under-deliver. By the time you realize that you didn’t get what you paid for it’s already late and you are pretty close to the deadline. So wrapping the project up with the resources that you have becomes a necessity rather than an option, which is why I go back to my first point that assembling the right team is the real big deal here.

There are other challenges as well such as getting the project done on time. Getting ample amount of support from the support and maintenance team. In these kinds of projects, there will be a lot of back and forth in the solution that you are trying to develop. Depending on the requirements, these back and forths take up your time, which is why it is very very important that you have a good support and maintenance team on standby so that they can assist you whenever you require them. 

Ifran: Thank you Ekram for your brief explanation. We all know to address these challenges M2sys has come up with the eGov platform. How the platform can address these challenges sounds interesting. Can you please tell me a bit more about the eGov platform? 

Ekram: eGov by M2SYS, as you can understand from the name of it is a platform that is used to provide software solutions to governments all over the world. But the reason eGov by M2SYS stands separate from the other eGovernment platforms is because this platform offers the users that space where they are free to customize the software based on their necessity or requirements. And the best part of it is that it does not require the user to be an expert in coding or a developer because it’s a no code platform. Now one might argue that there are lots of other no code platforms in the market so there is nothing unique about eGov by M2SYS. But this is where they are wrong because eGov platform gives the solution provides the ability to easily make changes in the design side of the application which is then converted and reflected across all 3 platforms; web, android, and iOS. All this is done using a native programming language and not with some wrapper software or viewer tool. 

So this is the eGov platform by M2SYS. Suppose you have this application here in eGov by M2SYS which you use to record information about people in your system. Let’s assume this a just a sample application that is not used in the real world. As you can see this is a really beautiful dashboard. The eGov platform has the ability to create amazing dashboards based on the data. And this is the people’s database as you can see the name, gender, date of birth, marital status, occupation, and date of registration that is automatically generated by the system. This is a readymade application and this is used to keep a record of the people in your area.

Now one day you wake up and realize that you need to have the information of their children as well if they are married and have kids. So if we talk about the other eGov solutions what do you need to do if you want this change? You need to go to the developer and tell him your requirements and he will ask for some time from you. You will look into the system made some code for the system, make the changes, test the system again, and finally, when the test results come back positive, he tells you the system is ready. This may sound very easy but it takes lots of time. This is not something that can not be done in a few hours. But here in M2SYS eGov what is so special is if you decide if you need any changes in the design all you need to do is go to the edited design. Here you can see the people database, you add a form here. You name it children’s information, click continue, add it under the people’s database and then just drag-drop a few fields to input the children’s information in the fields. As you can see I am adding the Full name, Gender and you can add the date of birth as well and you are done. Now I go shade and click save. As you can see the form is added here. Now all you need to do is added the form under the people’s database, click save, and launch the app. Now as you can see if I click the people’s database the field is added. That’s how easy it is. Whatever changes you made in the design side of the application, will be reflected in the Android and iOS apps. You won’t need to code separately or drag and drop separately for the Android and iOS apps, the changes made on the design side will automatically get updated there. This is what makes us special. 

Ifran: Exactly and the platform looks amazing and the platform gonna make life easy for many stakeholders. Especially for those who are involved in government projects. But I have a concern at the start I mentioned we gonna talk about Watson Mini Two print which is one of the best fingerprint devices I know. I just want to know will this device work with our eGov platform. Can you please explain to us how? 

Ekram: Watson Mini Two Print is one of the best in the market when it comes to accurate fingerprint capture and identification. The device has PIV, Appendix F, Mobile ID, and FAP certifications by none other than the FBI. So if you are looking for a device you can count on, the Watson Mini Two Print should certainly be one of the top choices on your list.

Ifran: What are the benefits of using Watson Mini with eGov Solution?

Ekram:The benefit of any biometric device is that you can identify people and put a stop to any fraudulent activity. If your system has the ability to identify people and someone who is trying to fake their identity will get caught. If we talk about Watson Mini. The spoof-proof technology recognizes only live or real fingers. The device can be used in harsh conditions such as dust, intense sunshine, and damp weather. The device is dust and water-resistant. It has both IP65 and IP67 certifications. The robust gadget has little maintenance and cleaning needs. This is the perfect solution for massive identity management projects. It’s conveniently small and easy to carry, the gadget may be used in a variety of settings.

Ifran: Can you show a quick demo on how Watson can be used with the eGov platform? 

Ekram: Yeah it’s very simple and let me share my screen. Under the people’s database just I will just click on the Add People Database and it asks to put my fingerprint. This is actually the Cloudscanner software that we use for biometric devices. So I will use my left hand’s middle and ring finger. I select it and place my finger. As soon as I place my finger the scanner captures my fingerprint. As you can see that the accusation was complemented successfully. Now click on submit. Next what I am going to show you how Watson mini identifies a person based on their biometric data in the eGov platform. Now I am going to run a biometric search here. Here is the biometric search option I click on it and choose which finger I want to give and place my finger on the scanner.  Once the data is captured I click on submit button. Now you can see that the system is executing the biometric search and once it’s complete it shows the record. As you can see it’s showing my name Jhon wick. If you click on the same it will show all the data.

Ifran: Can you please tell me about some projects that were done with eGov?

Ekram: The eGov platform of M2SYS was involved in multiple government projects all across the world. While it is very difficult to mention all of them, I can highlight the ones that I remember.

We developed a Voter registration solution for Yemen and Nigeria using which the governments were able to prevent voter fraud during elections. Various blood banks in India are safeguarded with our solution by restricting infected donors. We worked on registering over 50 million mobile phone users with biometrics in Nigeria. Farmers in Central America can secure loans from lending organizations using our software solution. Retailers in the US and Australia are avoiding millions of dollars in payroll loss using our solution. 80 million Turkish citizens were registered biometrically and provided national IDs using our solution. Multiple prisons across the US use our Identity solution to verify prisoners before releasing them. Millions of people in Haiti are benefitting from secure banking with our solution. Many healthcare companies in the US use our solution to identify patients before providing them with any treatment to avoid medical errors. The government’s armed forces in the Middle East used our solution to generate ID cards for their personnel which are used to provide rations.

It’s really amazing to hear what eGov is capable of. Also thank you for sharing your knowledge with us on The Watson Mini Two Print device. You showed how easy it is to use with eGov. This is really fascinating stuff and thanks so much Ekram for your insights on both eGov and Watson Mini Two Print. That’s it for today, thanks again and we hope to meet with you again soon. 

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