Configuring M2SYS eGov’s Law Enforcement System for an African Prospect

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Law enforcement management is more critical than most people realize. Imagine if laws didn’t exist and weren’t enforced—pandemonium would reign! Communities would fall apart due to various unspeakable crimes, ultimately leading to an apocalyptic scenario like in the movies. Fortunately, we don’t have to experience that, as law enforcement exists. However, a competent Law Enforcement Management System helps take law enforcement to the next level.

A reliable Law Enforcement System helps digitize information, automate workflows, and even help field officers record information and update cases on the go. Our eGov platform can ensure all this, and more!

We receive a ton of requests for our eGov platform’s Law Enforcement System—this one will focus on a recent request we received from an African prospect. Let’s look at the prospect’s request, what questions they had, and how our solution impressed them.

Prospect’s Needs from our Law Enforcement Management System

The prospect is a system integrator from an African country who works with law enforcement agencies. They wanted a comprehensive law enforcement management solution that:

  • Would streamline and digitize processes
  • Can be configured to fit their locality
  • Can add devices that fit their needs

Other than that, they had the standard requirements, like configuration training and installation of the system. Subsequently, we had an in-depth discussion, after which we set up a demonstration of our eGov platform’s Law Enforcement System. Based on their reactions, we’re confident that it went pretty well!

eGov Law Enforcement Management System in a Nutshell

Before deep-diving into the demo, here’s a brief overview of the solution created with our eGov platform.

In a nutshell, M2SYS eGov’s Law Enforcement Management System deals with and manages all the aspects of a law enforcement system, from when a complaint is filed until the suspect or criminal is caught and sent to court.

How we Addressed the Prospect’s Requirements

We had an interactive demo with the prospect, and they had quite a few questions about the solution and its capabilities. Fortunately, we could address all of their concerns—let’s look at the prominent ones.

Configuring the Solution to Fit their Locality

Firstly, they wanted to make changes to the solution so that it could fit their locality—they wanted to be able to demo it to their customers.

Fortunately, users can configure eGov’s Law Enforcement System entirely to meet their requirements, which is precisely what we told them.

Adding an Option to Authorize Actions

In the prospect’s country, police officers can be a bit “overzealous.” So, the prospect wants a solution that helps maintain the chain of command. To be precise, they want a solution that ensures no officer can act until they receive authorization from their higher-ups. In addition, they want to ensure transparency, especially when a citizen files a complaint.

To address this concern, we suggested adding customized action buttons to help with the approval process. Only specific people will be able to approve actions. We configured eGov’s Law Enforcement Management System on the fly, demonstrating how fast and easy it is to customize to meet specific needs.

Four-Finger Scanning Support

The prospect also wanted to know if eGov’s Law Enforcement System could support four-finger scanning of an individual simultaneously for biometrics.

Our solution was built with M2SYS’s eGov platform, which acts as an OS for government digitization projects and connects with any third-party system. To put it simply, our solution can add any biometric device. We even showed the prospect many devices that can be integrated with it. Moreover, our platform is versatile enough to add any biometric capture device.

How the Prospect Reacted to Our Law Enforcement Management System

They loved the demonstration and are looking forward to working with us. They’ll be providing a complete list of their requirements so that we can configure our Law Enforcement System to perfectly fit their needs.

Do you have a government digitization project that requires a configurable solution or want to connect with your different systems? Contact us now to learn how M2SYS’s eGov platform can help you with government projects!

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