Malaysia Heading Towards Digital Prison Management System

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The Prison Administration Department in Malaysia decided to develop a biometric-based Prison Management Solution to help streamline record-keeping activities and prisoner identification processes to reduce logistic and administrative challenges caused by the growing jail population. With over thousands of inmates lodged within its prison compound, one of the largest jails in Malaysia faces serious administrative and logistic issues daily. Prisoner identification is an important aspect of any prison system, but with so many inmates, authorities found it extremely difficult to track them. According to authorities, this could give rise to serious security issues as inmates try to avoid serving their sentences by forging, cheating, or pushing their way out of jail.

The Prison Administration Department was looking for a more efficient identification system, as the existing system’s reliance on physical prisoner identification can cause problems in the system. In addition, criminals can use the advantage of a loophole to enable them to get out of jail before completing their punishment period. This was a rising concern amongst the legal departments as it could lead to serious security breaches.

The conventional approach of identifying prisoners based on physical characteristics is unreliable as physical characteristics are often manipulated to create fake identities. Therefore, a secure and accurate identification system is crucial for placing the prisoner and keeping track of them.

The Prison Administration Department needed a modern way to identify prisoners, in which they would be able to create a central database for prisoners and identify them accurately. The adoption of biometric-based identification systems has allowed the administrators to create an accurate registration of prisoners, including personal, photogenic, and biometric details. A biometric Prison Management Solution provides an advanced degree of security compared to the old system, where a prisoner must provide his fingerprint, finger vein, iris, or facial biometrics for enrollment. These are unique characteristics that cannot be copied or altered.

Once the enrollment is done, prisoners are sent to their assigned jail and identified when they go in or out of their permitted premises. The identification process is extremely important for properly placing prisoners and tracking purposes. It also assists with other administrative procedures, as the offender may have a previous case record or judicial history. The identification process is efficient, foolproof, and free from manual intervention and helps to maintain infinite information with faster retrieval capabilities.

The modern Prison Management Solution has helped the prison administration department create a centralized system to collect and retrieve data from different jails, law enforcement agencies, and correctional staff.

The new biometric system of prisoner identification has an obvious advantage over the outdated physical identification techniques. The system can easily be integrated into an existing system, with all data stored on a central server for easy retrieval by other computers for identification purposes. The system simplifies administrative tasks and ensures a painless identification process.

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