What is Advanced Fingerprint Identification Technology (AFIT)?

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Advanced fingerprint identification technology or AFIT is the next generation biometric identification that will allow the system to be much faster and superior than it already is. This is a concept that all crime-fighting units and many biometric companies including M2SYS Technology were working on back in 2010.

The FBI is more active about this advanced fingerprint identification system because they wanted to increase the accuracy of their biometric search and replace the AFIS or automated fingerprint identification system they were using. The FBI implemented the NGI or Next Generation Identification in 2011. This report features that the FBI replaced a 92 percent accurate system with the advanced fingerprint identification system and the new system had an accuracy of 99.6 percent.

So actually what is “advanced fingerprint identification technology or AFIT”? This can be best compared to AI or artificial intelligence. What AI does is simplifies our lives and automates things more smartly. The advanced fingerprint identification system looks at improving more accuracy and taking the identification to an advanced level based on fingerprint minutiae count. Such as, FBI increased their identification significantly and made the system more accurate.

Back in 2000 when M2SYS started their journey, the company CEO & CTO Mizan Rahman first developed the fingerprint detection algorithm that was fast and more accurate than other biometric matching systems on the market. Gradually the system was upgraded, and thus Bio-Plugin™ was born.

Bio-Plugin™ was the first advanced level fingerprint identification that was built by M2SYS. This was not only limited to fingerprints but also the first kind of SDK was multimodal and supported fingerprint, finger vein, and palm vein. This was the first advanced SDK of its sort that helped to integrate biometric modality with any project, and the integration was too simple. It was widely acclaimed in the technology market and won the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Award. But the search for a proper advanced fingerprint identification technology was still on since all wanted to increase the accuracy of the system and the race was on.

As development continued and many changes came through, M2SYS has finally come up with some solutions that now can be recognized entirely as the right advanced fingerprint identification technology. Why are these solutions claimed to the genuinely advanced fingerprint identification technology? Cause these system accuracy level can be measured and controlled.

This happened because of the deduplication algorithm that M2SYS’s experienced engineers developed came up with the HyperDeduplicador™. It can optimize the total biometric dataset and eliminate all the duplicated templates by using one single algorithm. This made the system super-fast, reduced dependency on the server a lot and also made it possible to control the accuracy level of the system. The advanced fingerprint identification technology implemented in this deduplication system in this system made it one of a kind.

Bio-Plugin™ was developed, and it became faster and more accurate in detecting a fingerprint. M2SYS then launched their cloud SDK called CloudScanr™ that works with a cloud matching engine platform CloudABIS™.



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With all these new solutions, M2SYS is moving from Advanced Fingerprint Identification Technology to Advanced Biometric Identification Technology. These new applications have achieved the capability of processing 10 million fingerprint templates accurately in seconds. CloudABIS™ is a scalable biometric matching engine that can both be implemented in the cloud or on-premise. This matching engine now supports fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and facial recognition.

These parallel systems from M2SYS is one of the few advanced fingerprint identification technologies that exist in the biometric field. These faster, smarter and scalable solutions are making their way to different government projects, enterprise-level solutions, health care systems and many more.

If you want to explore the real power of advanced fingerprint identification technology or advanced biometric identification system, please reach out to us filling the contact form given below.

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Masum Shibli

Business Development Analyst, M2SYS Technology

One thought on “What is Advanced Fingerprint Identification Technology (AFIT)?

  • December 15, 2022 at 6:28 am


    We need to develop an integration with the Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner device and our HR time and attendance solution. We would like to use the Hitachi Biometric API (server driven) or similar. We’ll need API documentation, server installation instructions and software, etc.

    Thank You.


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