VisitorTrack™ is Changing the Landscape of Visitor Management Process

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HCI Group is a global leader in healthcare IT consulting services. They provide a learning opportunity for staff and physicians by licensed trainers to receive training. But they couldn’t track their trainers visiting hours, their true identity and their duration at the office. Which was causing safety issues, delay in training hours and a massive loss in productivity? So they were looking for a solution to manage their visitors.

Safety Plus, another company, have to facilitate visitors for providing customer support, partner support, community visits, and its employees. In many cases, they required multiple entries in highly secure areas within the premises. These entries required keeping a log and identity verification through which they could track their visitors as well as check their authorization status. Both these companies were also looking for a solution which can be accessed from several checkpoints using laptops and mobile devices with a high level of security and efficiency.

Visitor management solution has always been practice by cumbersome tracking style. Traditional pen and paper method or plastic ID cards. These incur a considerable cost for the firm like HCI and Safety Plus. Besides they required a high level of maintenance but too difficult to manage or track visitors. M2SYS Visitortrack biometric solution changes the whole landscape of visitor management. The visitor can be traced, monitored and managed easily through M2SYS VisitorTrack™.

Why Do You Need Visitor Management Solution?

Security and safety are the vital issues for any organization. The visitor can be intruder can create unwanted violence and cause harm to the company. Besides visitor need to be tracked so that their fundamental lack can be traced and managed correctly. If visitors are well managed, it reduces the risk of intruder and workplace violence. So if you can ensure safety in your organization, your employees will feel safe and thus increase productivity. A safe workplace is the key for every workstation and visitor management is the key to ensure that safety. High tech management software provides seamless service with no or less error. But biometric software technology can ensure secured control with tons of facility that made this system easy, compatible and secure than anything.

Drawbacks of Old Process Of Visitor Management

Paper and pen process are so costly and can be manipulated. It required high maintenance cost but no security. Besides old visitor cannot be traced through this early process. Intruders visitors cannot be located as well. The only way to discover them is the human memory. These how old system cause, no benefits instead cost and money and sometimes issues with security.



Biometric Visitor Management Solution

Replace manual log, ID Cards/Badges with a secure, modern and affordable biometric solution to safeguard your premises.

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M2SYS VisitorTrack™

M2SYS VisitorTrack™ biometric bring a solution to those old methods of visitor tracking problems. Biometric is the unique identity of human that human carries to everywhere. Yes, fingerprint, Finger vein, and iris are the type. VisitorTrack™ needs no pen and paper, no extra maintenance cost and no additional developer cost as well. M2SYS make it so easy and secure that visitor can be managed so quickly through their biometric identity. Besides VisitorTrack™ provides digital ID which minimizes the cost for plastic ID. Through this ID company can check their previous visit to the company and can restrict them if required. VisitorTrack™ takes a picture of visitor ID, passport and can add to their visitors’ profile. Through the power of biometric visitor can be blacklisted to reduce their unwanted visit.

VisitorTrack™ Changing The Landscape Of Visitor Management Process

HCI group, Safety Plus and many more companies enjoying the benefits of VisitorTrack™. Now HCI group can trace their trainers, their work hours and also can ensure the high level of safety for their employees. Biometric technology provides tremendous value and costs savings to the HCI group by removing the need to manufacture and maintain plastic ID cards, barcode readers, or PIN pads. The VisitorTrack™ – cloud-based Biometric FingerPrint management System has been well received by the administration and is extremely pleased with the results. After implementing cloud-based visitor management system, VisitorTrack™, Safety Plus has been able to significantly streamline the administration of user identities, as well as improve the overall user experience. VisitorTrack™ provides the cloud-based solution that minimizes the cost of hardware, high level of biometric security and watchlist. Now companies can ensure biometric Visitor Management through the VisitorTrack™ solution.

VisitorTrack™ is literally changing the landscape of visitor management process that what it was before. It brings a more modernized approach, sophistication and security at a very affordable price.

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