Top 5 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner App for ID Verification

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Mobile phone these days has become the most essential part of the business function. It gives us the flexibility to access application securely from a remote location. With the rise of the mobile phone, we have seen the increased demand for business applications that can be used in mobile. Adding to this rising demand different companies have introduced fingerprint scanner app for accurate ID verification. From those here is the list of top 5 biometric fingerprint scanner app for you. 

1. VisitorTrack  – Visitor Identification Software

Just think, your office premises as the most secure place. No one can access without proper authorization. You have all the data of your visitor, their time, their duration of visit and whom they came to meet. You can access those data any time from anywhere and get them when required.  No, it is not a fairytale, it is true. VisitorTrack™ is one of the software. The best part is, this software authenticates your visitor through their fingerprint scanning. Your visitor and your employees both can save their time. Besides this software can save your money on printing plastic id because it provides digital badges to every visitor. You can blacklist an unwanted intruder, and restrict their future entry into your office because this software will identify them through their biometric no matter how they disguise themselves. Their biometric cannot be changed and manipulated.

2. StudentTrack – Biometric Fingerprint Scanner App for Student Identification 

If you are from an educational institute and thinking to manage your student effectively, you must try StudentTrack™. This software will work as the best alternative to the plastic id card. It removes the burden of id card fraud as it identifies your student through their fingerprint scanning. From libraries to dormitories, from laboratories to class attendance, this software provides the best solution for all these management issues.

3. CertisID™ – Biometric Identification Solution for Financial Services

If you want to establish secure banking in your bank, you must deploy CertisID™. This cutting-edge biometric fingerprint scanner app will prevent fraud, protect assets and develop a concrete audit trail in the transaction. Just think if your bank is protected by fingerprint there will be no chance of password breach or transaction fraud. Fraud customer can hide their id but cannot conceal their fingerprint. Besides this software can track account holder information by biometric data helping you to know your customer better, fraud detection from transaction and loan history. In short, CertisID is the best biometric fingerprint scanner app for bank management that provides security in a banking transaction, help manager to manage their bank efficiently and effectively.



Financial Services Biometric Identification Solution

Key Features:

Customizable biometric identity, document management and ‘know your customer’ cloud solution for the banking and financial services industry

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4. TrueVoter-Biometric Voter Registration System

Voting knows to be the democratic right of the citizen. A government should deploy such a system that brings fair and credible election for all. To save the government from fraud and illegal practices, TrueVoter™ is the perfect solution to accomplish this feat. It is a biometric-based voting application. This application identifies voters through their fingerprint, so duplicates voting is impossible in this process. Besides it is scalable solution government agencies only pay based on their data size, ensure precise and quick biometric voting identification, provide a clear and easily accessible audit trail and facilitate interoperability between government agencies for database consolidation and maintenance.

5. ePolice- Law Enforcement Operational Management Software

If you are a government agency and looking for a solution that helps your police to perform their operation efficiently and identify suspect effectively than ePolice™ is the one you must try. ePolice is the fingerprint scanner app that quickly identifies the suspect. It is easy for a suspect to change their identity but it is not easy for a suspect to change their fingerprint. Moreover, this application connects with the police database that helps police to get database support instantly. Besides this application has the fastest ABIS search speed, comprehensive and intuitive latent processing and matching system, sophisticated artificial intelligence, and analytics system with probabilistic matching and fully customizable.

Improvement of technology has gifted us with biometric fingerprint technology – one of the most sophisticated technology for identification. With the help of apps, they can now be used for employee management to visitor management, from securing transaction to student tracking.  

If you would like to use one such fingerprint scanning application for your organization feel free to contact us. We are M2SYS having 17 years of expertise in biometric sure to give you the best solution.

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner App for ID Verification

  • December 9, 2022 at 1:01 am

    Its amazing how easily M2SYS have implemented biometric id system for employee id in my company. They have a no code platform that can be used to create any kind of biometric solution with most devices available in the market. I am using Digital Persona 4500 device and their software works perfectly with it.

  • December 12, 2022 at 5:23 am

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article and the the top five apps for ID verification. I am currently using secugen hamster pro 20 and visitor management for my consultation business.

  • January 2, 2023 at 1:14 am

    Thanks for the insight. Biometric authentication apps can improve the overall user experience by making it easier and more convenient for users to access their devices and accounts. Also its faster and more convenient than typing in a password, especially for devices that you use frequently.


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