How Biometric-Enabled Vendor Management System Works?

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The use of vendor management systems is widespread, but when someone prefers an extra layer of security, a biometric-enabled vendor management system is a perfect choice. Today we will learn more about how a biometric-enabled vendor management system works.

What Is a Biometric-enabled Vendor Management System?

A biometric-enabled vendor management system is a system that uses biometric technology such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or other biometric modalities, to authenticate vendors as well as manage their access to a facility or system. Therefore, it is able to track vendor activity, monitor compliance with security protocols, and ensure that only authorized vendors can access certain areas or resources. By using biometric technology, a biometric-enabled vendor management system can provide a more secure and reliable way to manage vendor access than traditional methods such as passwords or access cards.

How Does the Vendor Management With Biometrics Work?

A biometric-enabled vendor management system typically works by using biometric technology, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or an iris scan, to authenticate vendors and manage their access to a facility or system. Here is a general overview of how the system works:

Vendors enroll in the system by providing their biometric data, such as a fingerprint or facial image, which is then stored in a secure database. When a vendor arrives at a facility or attempts to access a system, they will be prompted to provide their biometric data for authentication. This can be done by using a fingerprint scanner or other devices to capture their fingerprint or facial image. The system will then compare the vendor’s biometric data to the data stored in the database to confirm their identity. If the vendor is authenticated, the system will grant them access to the facility, and the system or give them their payments. 

CloudABIS for Vendor Management System

Although the use of biometrics in vendor management is not common, its popularity continues to increase day by day. Many African countries and their governments are dependent on different types of vendors. Since these are directly linked to citizen services, they have become critical to governments. Governments use these vendors to provide different types of services, and managing them can be a bit tricky. These vendors can be a single person or an organization. From time to time, governments pay the vendors for their service, and to make sure the right person is getting the payment, there is no better option than implementing a cloud-based biometric matching engine.

CloudABIS by M2SYS is a cloud-based biometric matching engine that can be used with any vendor management system. CloudABIS has multimodal capabilities, which means you can use fingerprint, facial recognition, IRIS, and even vein recognition. The engine works with most of the leading biometric scanning devices. CloudABIS provides biometric identification and verification services through cloud computing technology, allowing organizations to securely store and manage biometric data. CloudABIS integrates with a variety of systems and applications, including time and attendance systems, government solutions, and identity management systems, making it a flexible and scalable solution for enterprises and governments.

CloudABIS by M2SYS is a cloud biometrics matching engine that offers a flexible, scalable, and secure solution for organizations looking to implement biometric authentication for new or existing solutions. If you want to learn more about it, please get in touch with us.


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