JavaScript biometric authentication for a web application

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JavaScript biometric authentication process can be somewhat painstaking and will require a lot of time if the right tools are not used during integration. The more time a project consumes, the more expensive, it becomes concerning overall cost and opportunity costs. Even an experienced engineer might struggle to properly integrate a biometric SDK for JavaScript biometric authentication due to lacking prior experience of doing so.

There are three easy options. Number one: using M2SYS multimodal Bio-Plugin™ biometric SDK that can integrate easily with any application. The second: is to use another multimodal cloud SDK from M2SYS Technology named CloudScanr™. Lastly, if an instant integration is needed to use biometrics as a sign-on feature, the best choice would be Bio-SnapOn™ for JavaScript biometric authentication.

Bio-Plugin™ biometric SDK for JavaScript biometric authentication

Bio-Plugin™ is a multimodal biometric SDK that is built for biometric integration with any windows or web applications. It eliminates requirements of developing any low-level SDK for your use. This saves a lot of money and time as most important for any organization. Bio-Plugin™ facilitates fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, facial and voice recognition. It is an award-winning biometric SDK that won the award from Frost & Sullivan in 2007 for its tremendous value creation.



Web API For Biometric Authentication

Simply connect to our Biometric API to perform fast 1:N Fingerprint/Finger-Vein/Iris Recognition.

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CloudScanr™ biometric SDK for JavaScript biometric authentication

CloudScanr™ is M2SYS built cloud-based SDK that easily integrates with any web application quickly and or windows application. It is one of the whole SDK for JavaScript biometric authentication. This CloudScanr™ is attached with our hybrid multimodal biometric matching engine CloudABIS™ that can perform matching of 10 million of fingerprint templates in a mere second. CloudScanr™ is integrated with a rapid cloud application builder CloudApper™. With CloudApper™ users can build any biometric or non-biometric cloud application without any prior code level development skills. Users can simply drag and drop robust pieces into their own application template to create what they need to serve their purpose.

Bio-SnapOn™ for JavaScript biometric authentication

Bio-SnapOn™ is a unique biometric application that directly snaps on to any application. Bio-SnapOn™ serves the primary function of sign in to a target application. If anyone needs JavaScript biometric authentication for sign in purposes, they ought to use the Bio-SnapOn™ for this. This sort of integration is the easiest to do and can be done instantly.

Bio-Plugin™, CloudScanr™, and Bio-SnapOn™ all are built with more than 17 years of experience in the biometric identity management solution industry. M2SYS is committed to providing the user with a better experience as well as less hassle and more efficiency. Contact Us to provide your opinion or click here if you need to know more about what M2SYS has to offer.

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Masum Shibli

Business Development Analyst, M2SYS Technology

One thought on “JavaScript biometric authentication for a web application

  • January 1, 2023 at 3:45 am

    M2SYS CloudABIS Web Authentication API works like a charm with web application, It allows you to use multiple biometric modalities on both mobile and web device, including common biometric authenticators such as fingerprints, or face ID, or finger vein.


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