RightPatient™ Biometric Patient Identification System

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For more information on the M2SYS suite of healthcare solutions, please visit our Web site at: https://www.rightpatient.com/healthcare

RightPatient™ is healthcare’s only biometric patient identification solution that quickly and accurately searches the entire master patient index at the time of patient enrollment which is the only true way to prevent duplicate medical records and eliminate patient fraud, and offers iris recognition, a contactless, hygienic biometric modality that supports healthcare infection control standards.

RightPatient™ also offers the unique ability to run within an EHR solution, allowing medical staff to access its features without closing a window or toggling to another application to help maintain productivity, and streamline the patient registration process for increased efficiency.

RightPatient™ seamlessly interfaces with any EHR system and any software utilized within a hospital and across an integrated delivery network or health information exchange and requires minimal hospital IT full time equivalents for installation and maintenance so IT staff can focus on other projects and maintain high levels of productivity.

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