New Zealand Experience the New Era of Biometric Banking

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One of the primary trends of the modern technological and industrial world is the shift to a more customer centric approach regardless of the field or niche you operate in. And in order to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your service, you must ensure that it is fast paced and as convenient as possible for them. The purpose of modern technology is to induce speed in processes that traditionally hog up a lot of staff and customer time as well as simplify the processes for the customer by capitalizing on the finer details.

New Zealand Experience the New Era of Biometric Banking

Biometric verification is one such technology that is being applied across a multitude of fields and industries to great reviews and results.


With ASB having announced their version of a biometric ID verifying mobile application for six of their bank branches in South Auckland last year, we are finally seeing and experiencing the integration of biometric technology in New Zealand banking.

Believe it or not, many people delay or refuse to open a bank account just because of the process that precedes the result, what with the person having to dig out a bundle of verifying documentation and filling out numerous forms after having to travel to the nearest branch of their desired bank. And in a world where you can clean your house, order the groceries, and pay your bills without having to get up from the plush cushions of your couch, it may just be too much to ask for. Not only that, but there are growing concerns about cyber criminals and fraudsters exploiting vulnerabilities in the banking security systems of banking institutions, a factor that also makes people wary and tends to drive them away.

By employing biometric authentication in their banking security systems to displace traditional identity verification means such as ID cards and drivers licenses, banks can make their operations much more secure as well as efficient, factors that ultimately serve to increase customer satisfaction and develop brand loyalty. Patterns of the retina, fingerprints, superficial veins, voices, faces, DNA, and a few other biological features of the human body are unique for every individual, making them the ideal elements which can be used for identification purposes while simultaneously reducing the risks of fraud as well as the time taken for identity verification substantially.

Banking KYC is an opportunity for the institution to form a favorable impression on the customer and convert them into a long term and loyal client for years to come. Biometric certification allows banking KYC to become so much more flexible so that it can be modified and shaped according to the preferences and convenience of the customer, showing them that you are willing to provide solutions that are specific to their problem or situation and thus, solidifying your status as a customer centric institution.


With service provided in over 102 countries all around the globe, M2SYS provides an incredibly scalable cloud based biometric system in the form of CloudABIS™  in order to ensure that organizations and establishments like yours no longer have to bear the debilitating costs of installing and maintaining a biometric matching system tailored to fit your infrastructure. CloudABIS™ asks you to simply get in touch with us and connect to our interface through our API or the CloudApper™software and gain the ability to perform fingerprint matching, finger vein scanning, face recognition, and iris recognition on your employees or customers. Advanced, chock full of facilities, yet incredibly affordable, CloudABIS™ breaks a seemingly complex system down for you to the point that all you need is a reliable internet connection and you are good to go. Get in touch with us today to know more about our services and packages.


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