Kenya Introduces Biometric Registration System for Police

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The government of Kenya has implemented a biometric-based national police information management system. Now each member of Kenya’s police force will be registered using robust biometric technology.

Biometric technology is the most cutting-edge technology right now available in the market. This technology uses unique biometric attributes of human which are difficult to forge and helps to establish a concrete audit trail. The government of Kenya hopes that adding biometric will add accountability in the service and will make the service more reliable and professional.

The spoke person of State House Kanze Dena said “The system will eliminate fraud associated with manual staff records. It will facilitate the selection, recruitment, and management of police officers and foster fair performance appraisals, transparent deployment and transfers, and merit-based promotions”. Mentioning it as the introduction of a new era of government service she also added that “This heralds a new era in police administration and goes a long way in complementing the government’s efforts towards establishing a modern criminal justice infrastructure.”

Worldwide biometric technology is famous for its accuracy and convenience. This technology has helped governments around the globe to fight crime. For example, in Nigeria, biometric technology helped the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and telecommunications companies tracking SIM card usage, to prevent fraud, and to stop criminals from selling pre-activated SIM cards. M2SYS Technology was the proud partner of that project. Using M2SYS biometric identification solution telecommunications companies, the NCC created a centralized database that includes over 140 million SIM card user fingerprint biometric templates to more easily trace and track mobile activities.

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