How To Set Up a Passwordless Login on a Windows Laptop

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No one likes to remember passwords. They are a pain to deal with, after all. Even worse, passwords are a prime target for attacks. Your system is at risk if your passwords are poor. Yet, for years, passwords have been the most important layer of security for everything in our daily digital lives, like personal emails, bank accounts, online shopping, and many other essential tasks.

Rather than relying on traditional password security, Windows passwordless login allows you to log in without a password by using a different security approach. To utilize this feature, you need to have a desktop or laptop with Windows 10 version 1903 installed.

Mark Risher, Director of Product Management, Identity and User Security for Google, says, “It is absolutely safe to use passwordless authentication, and it is more secure than the traditional username and password method.” The world’s biggest tech has adopted passwordless authentication for its employees and temporary contractors globally. Risher says, “ Since doing that in 2017, there have been no cases of password phishing. We are working on ways to expand this for our users externally.”

If not passwords, then what?

It has been nearly 60 years since passwords have been the only way to access any online account, be it personal or official. Passwords are also the key to accessing any apps that are on the Cloud or your phone.

However, the passwords that were once a vital defense barrier against hackers now seem to be a gateway for them. It is not only because people use weak passwords but also because it is difficult for any organization to differentiate between an employee and a hacker. That has led to the rise of a more secure, passwordless authentication.

Even multi-factor authentication is an old concept to add extra security layers to protect users. Two-factor authentication has been an option on some email accounts for many years. In most consumer apps, it’s also common to use a password, PIN, or biometric login, along with a one-time password (OTP).

However, all these security solutions still need a person to do all the time-consuming work. Passwordless authentication should eliminate human effort as much as possible and make the process faster, safer and highly secure.

The need for a passwordless solution became even more important during the Covid-19 pandemic. Employee accounts are more at risk when they are operated outside the company’s network. Businesses switched to Cloud connectivity and set up a zero-trust framework for all their employees. This meant that they didn’t need passwords or certificates to get into their computers or devices.

Enter passwordless authentication

This technology verifies a user account by using a combination of more secure authentication factors such as the most advanced technology of Hitachi, which presents finger vein authentication. Hitachi provides a strong biometric authentication solution that replaces passwords and delivers a more secure and seamless login experience.

Hitachi developed “Hitachi C-1 Contactless Finger Vein Reader” and “Hitachi VeinID Five Contactless Finger Vein Biometric SDK.” The implementation of these products provides a highly secure user authentication method over password entry. We all know that finger vein authentication technology is one of the most secure identification methods.


The Hitachi C-1 Contactless Finger Vein Reader is a highly durable biometric scanner that uses finger vein technology to identify and authenticate individuals. The C-1 reader is a modern device that gives touchless and passwordless authentication; users simply need to hold three fingers over the device for identification and authentication.

The reader comes with advanced features, accuracy and long durability. It’s a vein biometric reader connected directly to the laptop or desktop, avoiding password use. The process is completely contactless and highly secured. The reader:

● Takes data through internal finger vein pattern
● Uses fast and safe authentication in 2 seconds
● Includes a login function
● Has a small size and is easy to use
● Comes with a USB connection



Hitachi VeinID Five – Contactless Finger Vein Biometric SDK is a password replacement application. By implementing VeinID’s five authentication functionality, users can easily and safely log into a laptop or work system to conduct financial transactions and access other applications without giving an ID or a password.

Once installed, VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement allows users to:

● Log into a laptop or desktop using their enrolled finger vein biometric
● Use the screen saver – vein reading identification to unlock the PC
● Password replacement application

Why Implement Hitachi Finger Vein Technology?

Hitachi’s biometrics technology meets all safety requirements of a handy biometric identification:

Impossible to forge: internal finger vein pattern reader makes it almost impossible to forge
Accuracy: Fast and accurate reading
Speed: total verification time of 2 seconds
Size: C-1 Unit is small and easy to carry

A centralized finger vein authentication system can be used for a variety of client-server functions, such as Windows® logon, screen saver startup/cancellation, and logging on to specific business applications. Thousands of companies and millions of end-users use Hitachi to simplify and secure passwordless logins to computers, internet services, and mobile apps. To know more please contact us.


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