Infographics: 5 Benefits of Using RightPunch – A Biometric Time Clock for Kronos

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How can you accurately track your employees times? How do you know they are truthful to you? Conventional time tracking software for employee attendance has come to an end. They already lose their appeal due to their loopholes. Using these loopholes, employees can fool your system. So, you need something very difficult to forge or manipulate. No doubt it is biometric time clock which is nearly impossible to forge. The system is avail to give you an accurate result. No doubt you need a biometric time clock for accurate time tracking. RightPunch is the most cutting-edge biometric time clock for Kronos. It works seamlessly with Kronos in PC and Smartphones. There are so many benefits RightPunch provides to the Kronos user through its cutting-edge technology. Here are the top five benefits of using RightPunch- a biometric time clock for Kronos. 

 Eliminate Buddy Punching 

Biometrics characteristics cannot be duplicated; it prevents employees from punching in a co-worker while not present in the workplace.


RightPunch uses biometric technology which is the most accurate system to identify any employee. 

 Increased Productivity

RightPunch saves employee time, decreases staffing overhead, and provides accurate labor data to the payroll system to effectively manage business operations and increase productivity.

 Increased Return On Investment (ROI)

RightPunch can help businesses achieve positive ROI by eliminating buddy punching, employee theft, and other problems caused by inaccuracies and loopholes of an old-fashioned time and attendance system.

 Audit Trails Improve Employee Accountability

With RightPunch employees can be accurately identified and held responsible for late attendance and taking frequent, extended, or unscheduled breaks. So they become more responsible and accountable for time management, thereby increasing productivity.

The infographics below shows the top five benefits of RightPunch.

Infographics: 5 benefits of using RightPunch

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