Infographics: 5 Ways Your Staff May Be Stealing Time

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With the growing number of remote and mobile workforce, time theft has become a much bigger issue for employers. In fact, it has become so big, millions of dollars are being lost every year in productivity. This puts a dent in cash flow by paying for work that was not completed.

There are many ways time theft can occur in your office space. These are some techniques your employees use for time theft. Here are the ways employees steal time: 

 Friend or “Buddy” Punching

Employees have created a buddy system where one ‘friend’ or employee clocks in for another one.

 Beat the Clock

It is not uncommon for staff and employees in the workplace to ‘fudge’ the number of hours they work. This often occurs when paper sheets are used to keep track of employees’ hours.



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 Goofing Around

There is a range of temptations that employees face on a daily basis. These temptations can result in decreased efficiency and productivity.

 Internet Activities

Social media is considered the most significant contributor to time theft in the workplace. Studies have shown that productivity in an office drops almost 20% when the employees are able to have Facebook access.

 Extended Lunches

Taking advantage of breaks and meal times by extending them without authorization is another form of time theft.

 Here is the infographic that shows how time theft can occur and how you can solve it. 

Infographics: 5 Ways Your Staff May Be Stealing Time

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