3 Signs You Are Following the Wrong Student Identification System

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How do you identify your student? Is it the right way? Or it has loopholes that can easily be breached or manipulated. Here are the 3 signs which indicate that you are following the wrong student identification system. Let’s check it out.

3 Sign You Are Following the Wrong Student Identification System

You are Following Manual Log Book for Student Identification

Manual log book for student identification is not accurate and cannot give you authenticate result. A student can falsify their name and ID in the manual log book, and you have no option to cross check. Even if you do that it will be time-consuming. Additionally, manual log book can be manipulated when it comes to calling for attendance.

You are Using Plastic Id Card for Student Identification

Plastic ID cards can be copied and manipulated. Anyone can make a duplicate plastic ID card and pretend to be your student. So, you will have little chance of detecting them if you use the plastic ID card for student identification. Besides this method is costly too. It incurs extra cost on making new ID card every time a new student admit


RFID cards can be copied and manipulated too. Anyone can fool the system. This system only identifies the card that is punched not the person who is punching. As a result, the student can pass their card to others, or exchange their card to access your facility which required student identification. Besides, this technology can’t create an audit trail, provides convenience and can’t provide effective result. So, if you are still using this RFID system, you are following the wrong method in student identification.

Best Way to Identify Student

Biometric technology is the best way to identify a student. This is the most robust technology right now available in the market. Biometric is the unique attributes of human which remain unchanged throughout life. Biometric technology uses fingerprint, finger vein, iris recognition for identification and authentication. This technology is nearly impossible to forge or manipulate.

Moreover, this technology is so efficient that it takes less than a minute to identify. This technology is also cost saving. It saves the administrative cost of making a plastic ID. In a nutshell, adding biometric technology will create a robust student identification system that is cost saving, efficient, accurate and convenient.

Real Life Example

Victory Lutheran College was established in 1992 by the Wodonga Lutheran Parish in partnership with parents, to promote individual growth and responsibility.The school authority was suffering from late and absenteeism issues. When students come to class late, it disrupts the flow of a lecture or discussion, distracting other students, impedes learning, and generally erode class morale. Moreover, if left unchecked, lateness usually become chronic and spread throughout the class. To address the problem of late arriving students, Victory Lutheran College selected Bio-SnapON to work in tandem with their existing student attendance tracking software. The technology significantly reduced wait times streamlined the check-in process, and better-managed attendance tracking for their students. Read the full case study of Victory Lutheran College

Are you facing the same problem as Victory Lutheran College? Do you want to be benefited like them? Contact us with your queries, with over 17 years of expertise in the field of identity management we will surely give you the best solution.

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