2020 Olympic to Use Facial Recognition for Security Purpose

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Olympic games biometric

The upcoming 2020 Olympic games that is going to be held in Japan added an additional security detail with the implementation of biometric facial recognition. The game venues will be secured with a facial recognition technology that will identify the staff, athletes, and media reporters.

In lieu of recent threat of terrorist acts, Olympic executives have come up with this biometric technology to prevent infiltrating the event. Previously, the venues used printed digital ID cards to perform security checks. The Photo ID was used to verify the person’s identity, the system was slow and inefficient. With this technology, any lending, borrowing or forging of ID cards will be prevented and also organizers hope to minimize any waiting lines or time delays during security check.

Approximately 300,000 to 400,000 people will be attending the event. The staff will distribute all of the visitors with a digital printed photo ID card. During the entrance an automated system will continue to scan the faces with the registered images to check for any inconsistencies. Organizers said to implement the most accurate and efficient technology, it is important to scan the face map properly to ensure proper check for even identifying twins or people who have had cosmetic surgeries.

At the Haneda Aiport in Japan, the Justice Ministry already uses this technology with gates set up with facial recognition. During the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, this system was tested with members of the media.

The Olympic games in Tokyo will take place during July and August of 2020. Japan is very hot and humid during the summer, which will make visitors even more eager to have an easy process to get into the games.



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However, this security will not include the spectators of the galleries, they will go through the regular checking which includes showing their tickets and going through a luggage check.

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Source: Japan Times

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