Infographics: 5 Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Biometric Modality

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To answer what is the most accurate biometric modality, you have to know the factors to consider in choosing the best biometric pattern. The success of a biometric system often depends on determining the right biometric model, but it isn’t easy. Careful research that includes rigorous comparisons of biometric modality strengths and weaknesses is an essential element to help select the right hardware. Factors to consider in the comparison may include Accuracy, Anti-spoofing capabilities, Acceptability, Cost Effectiveness and Hygiene.

Accuracy: It is based on several criteria including error rate, false acceptance rate (FAR), identification rate, false reject rate (FRR) and additional biometric system standards.

Anti-spoofing capabilities: Capable of preventing direct attack by potential intruders from gaining access to the system.

Acceptability: User acceptance is the linchpin of biometric identification management deployment success.

Cost-effectiveness: Cost is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best and most effective biometric hardware modality.

Hygiene: Many new deployments in industries prefer to use contactless biometric modalities for hygienic reasons.


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