Bank of Cyprus Adopts Biometric Payment Cards for Clients

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Bank of Cyprus became the first bank to adopt biometric EMV payment cards in the country of Cyprus. The provider of the card said that it is already compatible with all the payment terminals across the country. Other banks across the country are expected to follow the lead of Bank of Cyprus to adopt similar biometric technology.

The biometric sensor card is fully powered by the payment terminal itself and it does not require any additional power source to operate. Now customers of the bank will no longer have to type in PINs and passwords. During the process of payment, customers will have to put their finger on the sensor as they are holding the card and the system will automatically scan the holders fingerprint and match it with the fingerprint stored on the card. This technology will massively enhance the use of cards as a payment method.

Also to prevent any sort of customer biometric data infringement and provide total protection, customers will be required to get their cards from the bank in person. In the branches, customer’s fingerprint data will be taken through a fingerprint device on a tablet, and then it will be stored in the issued card only. This is to prevent the hacking of any biometric data during any transaction. In near future biometric data will be stored in the card by holders themselves, by a self-service kiosk or smartphones.



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Source: Finextra

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