5 Ways Biometric Mobile Phone Redefines Field Level Enrollment

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Biometric technology has introduced new dimensions in identification, verification, and security of mass government projects including field level enrollment. Biometric mobile phone redefines the field level enrollment offering its military level accuracy and other sophisticated features like multimodal biometric capture and powerful battery.

Biometric Mobile Phone Redefines Field Level Enrollment

Collaborating accurate data from the mass people was troublesome. Traditionally it required a long time and a huge budget. But now a day using the biometric mobile phone it is straightforward to accumulate the accurate data from the mass people within a short time. Here are the five ways how biometric mobile phone redefines field level enrollment:

Voter Enrollment

Voter registration is a continuous enrollment process for any country and requires updates after a certain period. Now the field agent visits particular areas to list down the new voter and then they send the information to the central authority. The central body processes the data and calls the new voters in a particular office on a specific day for their biometric enrollment. The process requires a longer time to be completed. The mobile biometric device MultiCheck™-C ensures quick and precise biometric voting identification using a user-friendly and straightforward interface for registering and identifying voters.

Law Enforcement

Identification of a criminal is always sensitive if there remain chances to spoofing ID. Besides, the exact criminal may run away, and a civilian can be arrested mistakenly due to same name or similar description. The biometric mobile phone supports integration with the eLaw Enforcement solution and can identify the criminal using their biometric on the go to smoothen the operation and increase the security level.



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Financial Services

Any financial service is not secure until the identification of an individual. For this purpose, KYC is used massively in general banking, mobile banking, and other financial services. Biometric mobile phone now redefines the financial services in field level, especially in the microcredit sector. It prevents duplication and ensures the accuracy of KYC which increases reliability and safety.


The government uses census by age, sex, race, occupation, income, and other demographic data to develop policies for planning and running public services in and allocate funding. As it conducted among the whole nation, it is a matter of time and human resources. But there remain chances of errors and multiple enrollments which affect the core objective of the census. Usage of biometric mobile phone fasten the census process and increases the authenticity of data extruding errors.

Mobile Clinics

Mobile clinics provide healthcare services to the doorstep to help the mass people from different types of diseases. Identifying the right patient or person is difficult because there may exist several people by a single name. To assure the proper healthcare services biometric mobile phone has been using for field level enrollment.

The Biometric mobile phone redefines the field level enrollment by making the process easier, smarter and more accurate. It reflects directly on the betterment of mass people to preserve their rights and to have proper facilities.

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