M2SYS Honored with Global Impact Award in Innovation from the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

M2SYS Technology delivers innovative, scalable, and practical identity management solutions that increase security and convenience while protecting assets, building accountability and establishing trust for governments, businesses and consumers around the world.

M2SYS was honored by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce with a Global Impact Award for innovation.

M2SYS continues to be recognized for its industry leading, innovative products and services most recently with a “Global Impact Award” in innovation from the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce (MAC). Recognized along with four other international businesses in the Atlanta metro area, the annual Global Impact Awards honors international business excellence, innovation and leadership.

Singling out M2SYS as a global business vital to driving economic development in the region, the MAC highlighted our commitment to product solution innovation and for working hard to recruit local talent to help design, build, and sell our identity management platforms. Additionally, the MAC awards showcase excellence and innovation in international business, honoring MAC members who have gone above and beyond, exhibiting excellence in the area of global commerce.

Mizan Rahman – Founder and CEO of M2SYS – was humbled by the recognition and after receiving the award said:

“We are honored to be recognized as a driving innovative force in our industry, and thank the Atlanta Chamber for this prestigious award. We take pride in our position as a global innovator to continue our development of Intrinsic Human Recognition™ platforms that recognize people across any medium, within any industry, for any business process or personal interaction. Our ubiquitous recognition system will redefine how the world will establish trust to protect businesses and consumers, safeguard personal identities, mitigate fraud, and provide peace of mind.”

We are proud of all our accomplishments and stand ready to continue our mission of increasing security and convenience while saving money, building accountability and establishing trust for governments and businesses in many industries. Congratulations to the entire M2SYS staff for their dedication, spirit, and relentless resolve to mold how the world will establish trust to protect businesses and consumers, safeguard personal identities, mitigate fraud, and provide peace of mind.


Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Honors M2SYS as One of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Georgia

M2SYS Technology receives award as one of the top 10 most innovative companies in the State of Georgia

M2SYS Technology was named one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies” in the state of Georgia.

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG – @TagThink on Twitter) bestowed the honor of naming us as one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Georgia” this week! We are excited, humbled, and proud of this distinguishing honor from the TAG team and see it as a direct reflection of our commitment to pioneer innovation in the biometric identification technology industry.

We take a lot of pride in emulating our innovative spirit each and every day – directly reflected in the solutions we develop for the biometric identification management industry. Over the years, the team at M2SYS has been at the forefront of innovation, leading the charge to make biometrics more adaptable to real world conditions by using specific scientific multidisciplinary fields such as human factor engineering as a platform for engineering and design. We have shepherded many new concepts from ideas to reality that broke traditional molds and increased the security and convenience of biometrics as a practical solution to identity management. Here are a few innovation highlights:

  • We built and released Hybrid Biometric Platform™ – a client/server biometric software system that supports several types of biometric devices, including fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, and facial recognition. Using our patent-pending Bio-Plugin™ integration methodology, end users can implement Hybrid Biometrics™ in a matter of hours and immediately have the ability to deploy the form of biometric technology that best neutralizes varying user, demographic, and environmental conditions.
  • Sensing the need to develop a biometric hardware device that simultaneously captures both multiple biometric credentials in a single scan equipped with some of the most sophisticated liveness detection protection on the market and able to perform both 1:1 and 1:N matching for both fingerprint and finger vein templates in a PC-based environment we designed and built the M2-FuseID™ fused fingerprint and finger vein reader. When coupled with our Hybrid Biometric matching systems, the M2-FuseID™ biometric hardware device allows customers to perform one-to-many matching of millions of fingerprint and finger vein templates in seconds.
  • Identifying an opportunity to build a mobile biometric identification device that has the ability to simultaneously capture fingerprints, iris, and facial images and data from contact and contactless smart cards plus offers a lightweight, ergonomic design that can fit in your hand and slip into your pocket, we engineered the M2-RapidCheck™ multimodal mobile biometric system. A break from the mold, this device works seamlessly with our Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) and is compatible with any smart phone or tablet.

We continue to lead and innovate in the field of biometrics and continually push ourselves to design and develop unique, practical solutions that increase security and convenience and help to perpetuate the use of the technology for identification management. Additionally, M2SYS has been an early adopter of using social media to help educate, enlighten, engage, and inform others about the value of biometrics using several platforms, techniques, and methodologies to spread our message. We are proud to be a leader in the field and grateful to be headquartered in what is arguably the “Silicon Valley of the East” – Atlanta, GA. Atlanta is not only a hotbed of technological innovation but it also possess some of the deepest IT talent which we were able to leverage through the years as we continue to build our team of engineers and designers.

Proud of the chance to be recognized as an innovative leader. Excited at our prospects to continue developing some of the most practical and scalable products and solutions in the industry. Humbled to be singled out by TAG as a company worth watching. Grateful for our community and those that support us.

Thanks TAG!


M2SYS Announces Support for Integrated Biometrics’ “Sherlock LES Fingerprint Sensor

The M2-RapdiCheck mobile biometric identification device uses the Sherlock fingerprint sensor

Mobile biometric devices, such as our RapidCheck™10-29 multimodal biometric device, require flexible, modern sensor technology to meet market demands.

Today we announced support in our Hybrid Biometric Platform™ multi-modal biometrics system for the innovative “Sherlock” Light Emitting Sensor (LES) fingerprint sensor, designed and produced by Integrated Biometrics. Why is this important?

The marked increase in mobile biometric identification management deployments demands innovative hardware that is capable of capturing moist or dry fingerprints in any type of weather conditions, even extreme in nature. The evolution of biometric identification deployments from a brick and mortar setting to mobile deployments in the field that allow system administrators to bring equipment directly to the end user for identification necessitates flexible, secure, lightweight, and durable hardware requiring low power requirements and fast, accurate results. The LES fingerprint sensors are perfectly geared towards mobile and pocket-sized smart devices which are quickly becoming mainstream for modern deployments.

One of the core tenets at M2SYS is to invest in the prosperity and success of our partners and end users by offering the most innovative, efficient, and results-oriented biometric identification solutions easily adaptable to any environment or conditions. We understand that success is determined by customizing our solutions to meet the unique needs of our end users and adapting to their environment. The steady rise in mobile biometric deployments is largely based on the ability to quickly and accurately capture fingerprints regardless of the conditions or physical environment. Support of the LES “Sherlock” sensor fits into our commitment to continue offering the most innovative, accurate, and user-friendly biometric identification tools on the market.

In what ways do you see the “Sherlock” fingerprint sensor having an immediate impact on the biometric identification market?

New Look, Same Great Content

m2SYS technology corporate blog on biometric identification technology

Our blog has a brand new look but same great information on biometric identification technology.

You may have noticed that our blog got a little face lift. We recently upgraded our design and format to help highlight our educational videos and social media platforms so you can continue to receive the latest and greatest news on biometric identification technology and stay engaged with us. We like staying engaged with you too!

The world of biometric identification technology is changing fast. Just today, it was announced that AOptix has released an iPhone with the capability to scan an iris, face, fingerprint, or voice. We could certainly feel something was about to happen in the mobile world with biometric identification when Apple recently purchased Authentec, purportedly to gain access to their tools for fingerprint sensors and identity management that work with NFC, and use of its patent portfolio. The news of the new iPhone has been buzzing around the Twittersphere and other social media platforms, many who are curious about how the technology works, others who seem vehemently opposed to it, and yet more who are excited to try it out for themselves.

Biometric identification is changing the world we live in. As we have discussed on this blog before, once relegated top secret government deployments and Hollywood movie screens, biometrics has made the leap to commercial applications increasing security and convenience and demonstrating strong return on investment. Hold on to your hats and brace yourself for the next 5 – 10 years when the biometric identification industry is expected to blossom and see its full potential. You can’t deny that the technology is here to stay and constantly evolving but not without its kinks and areas for improvement.

It’s an exciting time to be in the biometric identification industry, and we are happy you are here to join us on the journey.

U.S. Vision Adopts RightPunch™ Biometric Time Clock to Increase Workforce Optimization

A biometric time clock for labor tracking, preventing time theft and lowering costs.

RightPunch™ PC-based biometric time clock

We are happy to announce today that U.S. Vision has adopted our RightPunch™ PC-based biometric time clock to help increase workforce optimization by; eliminating buddy punching, strengthening labor tracking, establishing a concrete audit trail, and reducing payroll inflation. Seamlessly interfacing with U.S. Vision’s existing Kronos timekeeping software and supporting multiple languages, RightPunch™ allows employees to clock in and out through fingerprint biometric authentication to help optimize labor tacking performance. The biometric time clock also supports offline punch storage and schedule enforcement in addition to alterate punch submission tools like personal identification number (PIN) entry.

RightPunch™ is now installed on servers at each of U.S. Vision’s over 700 locations throughout the country which connect to the M2SYS Central Data Management System (CDMS) that synchronizes data like biometric templates and employee schedules between site locations. All an employee has to do is scan their finger on a biometric hardware device and their timestamp is recorded then automatically reconciled with Kronos’ Workforce Timekeeper software.

U.S. Vision CFO Carmen Nepa is pleased with the decision to invest in the RigthPunch™ PC-based biometric time clock to help boost employee accountability and productivity.  Reducing payroll inflation to achieve lower labor costs is an important initiative for U.S. Vision. The afforable, flexible PC-based RightPunch™ biometric time clock fits perfectly in the U.S. Vision strategy to ensure compliance with labor tracking laws.

For a link to the full release, please visit the M2SYS Technology press room by clicking here.

#biometricchat on Topics in Biometric Technology Returns in January 2013

M2SYS Technology hosts a once per month tweet chat on biometric technology

#biometricchat Tweet Chats Will Return in 2013

Since December is a time for most to work a little harder so they can finish off the year on a high note, our monthly #biometricchat tweet chat will be postponed for December and resume in January 2013 with a brand new guest and topic.

Biometric technology is taking the world by storm, helping governments and businesses to establish secure and efficient identification tools characterized by their utility and innovation. From Ukraine and Trinidad’s recent decision to move to biometric e-passports to the rise of voice biometrics for mobile phones to Ghana’s biometric voter registration project, biometric identification technology is gaining steam and poised for significant growth in the years to come.

Biometric identification technology however, is not absent of limitations and challenges. While it is important to understand the full scope of the technology before investing, it is also important to actively research the pros and cons of the technology from reliable, trusted resources and continue an open dialogue about the issues and properly vet information channels. At M2SYS, we work to help provide information on biometric technology through resources like the monthly #biometricchat tweet chat which offers individuals the opportunity to join in on discussions about various topics in the industry — biometrics in retail and workforce management, voice biometrics, biometric authentication for mobile devices, automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) biometrics, biometrics for patient identification in healthcare, and more.

We encourage you to join us on the journey to understand more about biometric technology by participating in a #biometricchat tweet chat in 2013 where we will welcome guests from all around the world to discuss and debate topics and issues pertinent to the industry. Our first chat for 2013 will be announced here on this blog, please stay tuned for more details later this month!

If you have an idea for a topic you would like to see on our monthly #biometricchat tweet chat or if you would like to be one of our guests, please drop us a note at marketing @m2sys.com and we will be back in touch with you!

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you participating in a #biometricchat tweet chat during 2013!

#biometricchat Postponed for May

Every month, M2SYS Technology hosts a Twitter chat on biometric technology which can be found by searching for the hashtag #biometricchat

M2SYS Technology Monthly Chat on Biometric Technology

May is an extremely busy month for us at M2SYS and with all of the travel, new product development, and other initiatives we unfortunately have to cancel this month’s #biometricchat. We will return next month however, with an exciting new topic, a new guest and some great discussion.

Thanks to all who have supported the #biometricchat since our launch in the fall of 2011, for copy of all the transcripts please visit our blog or you can check out our Storify account. We are always open to suggestions on topics or guests for the chat so please email jtrader@m2sys.com if you have any ideas.


M2SYS Visits Georgia Tech Career Fair Seeking Local Talent

M2SYS participates in Georgia Tech's Career Fair

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (Some rights reserved by hoyasmeg)

Recently, M2SYS participated in the Georgia Tech Alumni Association Career Fair at The Cobb Galleria Center seeking local talent to fill open positions as we continue our rapid growth. The fair was well organized with over 1,000 job candidates in attendance looking to stand out as they weaved their way through the aisles gathering information and engaging with employers in face to face conversations.

The M2SYS booth was very busy the entire day, often with a line five to 10 candidates deep seeking to talk with us and learn more about biometrics, the identification technology which is slowly revolutionizing the world that we live in.

We were fortunate enough to have many in-depth conversations at the career fair with a diverse set of candidates representing the Engineering and Project Management fields. Many were very curious about what we do here at M2SYS and had done their homework prior to visiting our booth, intelligently discussing the biometrics market and demonstrating their knowledge and desire to work with a company in such an exciting and burgeoning field with a very optimistic forecast for future growth.

Candidates asked many questions about RightPunch™ our PC-based biometric time clock and RightPatient™ a biometric patient identification system that uses iris recognition technology. Many also inquired about our new AFIS suite of biometric software products which we recently launched as an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive AFIS systems on the market.

If you are currently living in or around the Atlanta metropolitan area and are seeking employment with experience in Computer Software Engineering, Project Management, Sales or Finance please visit the career section of our Web site and send us your resume along with a cover letter.

Influential And Informative Biometric “Tweeps” Worth Following

If you have been living under the proverbial rock these past 1 ½ years and have not yet heard of the social media platform called Twitter, well then just skip this blog entry because it isn’t meant to be a tutorial on the benefits for your company on using the medium.  Instead, we at M2SYS would like to give a shout out to some of the most informative media outlets and industry analysts who tweet about biometrics.

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Volunteering In Your Community – What It Means To Give Back

Although this blog is focused on talking about biometrics and its practical applications in business, periodically we will take a break and focus on other topics that are important to M2SYS Technology.

Recently, some of the M2SYS staff had an opportunity to give back to the community through volunteering with an Atlanta based non-profit organization called HomeStretch who helps homeless families to get back on their feet and into permanent, sustainable housing.  Some of us chipped in helping to paint the inside of a house being rehabilitated and others spent time outside cutting grass, weed eating and doing general landscaping.  It was humbling experience and brought a sense of pride in our work knowing that soon a family that was once living on the streets would achieve a sense of security and stability by having a place to call “home.”

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