Hitachi Finger Vein Reader: The Future of Biometric Identification

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The finger vein reader from Hitachi uses near-infrared light to capture an image of a person’s finger’s veins. The veins are an ideal biometric identifier since they are unique to each person and are impossible to duplicate or fabricate. The person’s identification is then confirmed by comparing the image to a previously registered template. This technology is highly accurate and secure, as the veins are located inside the body and cannot be easily altered or damaged.

What is biometric identification?

Using distinctive physical or behavioral traits, biometric identification is a highly secure method of authenticating a person’s identity. Particularly due to its reliability and accuracy, finger vein technology has grown in popularity lately. One of the most cutting-edge biometric identification methods is Hitachi’s finger vein reader, and its potential for advancement in the future is fascinating.

M2SYS, a leading biometric identification solutions provider, offers CloudABIS biometric matching API, designed to integrate seamlessly with Hitachi’s finger vein reader to provide a comprehensive security solution. Hitachi’s finger vein reader can be used with CloudABIS biometric matching API to create a highly secure and reliable authentication system.

How Does Hitachi’s Finger Vein Technology Work?

Hitachi’s finger vein reader works by using near-infrared light to capture an image of the veins in a person’s finger. The veins are unique to each individual and are difficult to replicate or forge, making them an ideal biometric identifier. The image is then compared to a pre-registered template to verify the person’s identity. This technology is highly accurate and secure, as the veins are located inside the body and cannot be easily altered or damaged.

Advantages of Finger Vein Technology Over Other Biometric Methods

Finger vein technology offers several advantages over other biometric identification methods. Unlike fingerprints, which can be altered or damaged, the veins in a person’s finger are located inside the body and cannot be easily replicated or forged. Because of this, finger vein technology is extremely precise and safe. Moreover, unlike facial recognition technology, finger vein technology is unaffected by lighting variations or facial expressions, making it a reliable way of identification in various situations.

CloudABIS Biometric Matching API

CloudABIS biometric matching API is a scalable and robust solution for quick and accurate identification. The API analyzes each person’s individual finger vein pattern and compares it to a pre-registered profile using powerful algorithms. To offer a complete security solution, the API may also be coupled with other security systems, such as access control systems and time and attendance systems.

For businesses looking for a consistent and accurate biometric identity solution, using Hitachi’s Finger Vein Technology.  CloudABIS Biometric Matching API offers a number of advantages. These are a few of the main advantages:

Exceptional Accuracy and Dependability

The Hitachi H1 finger vein scanner offers high accuracy and stability when used in combination with M2SYS CloudABIS software. This is as a result of the scanner’s ability to record and store in the program the accurate and unique vein patterns. Even if a user’s finger is positioned differently from how it was in the initial scan, the program can still successfully identify them. The scanner can also identify users with scars or damaged fingers, making it more usable by a wider spectrum of people.

Adaptability and Versatility

A variety of different systems and applications, including as identity management systems, time and attendance tracking systems, and banking institutions, can be readily integrated with M2SYS software due to its high degree of adaptability. As a result, the H1 finger vein scanner is a flexible and affordable option that can be used to a variety of situations.

Cutting-Edge Security Features

The M2SYS software provides a range of cutting-edge security features to protect users’ biometric information. For example, the software uses AES-256 encryption to protect data both while it is stored and in transit. Additionally, the software offers the option of storing biometric data on a remote server, providing an extra layer of security and the ability to recover from a catastrophe.

Reporting and Analytics Tools

M2SYS also offers biometric turnkey solutions for reporting and analytics tools that can help businesses better understand and manage their biometric data. These tools provide data on user registration, identification attempts, and system usage, which can be used to spot trends and improve system security.

Future Developments and Potential of Finger Vein Technology

The potential for future improvements of Hitachi’s finger vein reader is much more fascinating than its current impact on the field of biometric identification. When the technology develops further, it may be used to a number of new purposes, including secure mobile payments and healthcare authentication. The technology might also be used with other biometric identification techniques.


The combination of Hitachi’s finger vein reader and M2SYS CloudABIS biometric matching API provides a highly accurate and secure solution for businesses looking to implement a reliable biometric identity system. With exceptional accuracy, adaptability, cutting-edge security features, and reporting and analytics tools, this technology can be used in a variety of applications to ensure reliable identification and protection of sensitive information. If you’re interested in learning more about this innovative technology and how it can benefit your business, contact us today to speak with one of our experts and explore the possibilities.


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