Iris-based biometric technologies now supported in the Middle East

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The Iris ID Systems iCAM D1000 product line provides a high quality standards compliant iris and face capture solution. Iris recognition and authentication systems are frequently utilized at airport security checkpoints in the Middle East. Last year, 96 million people passed through Dubai International Airport, according to Rami Azzeh, Iris ID’s regional sales manager in the Middle East. To manage this many people, the process must be quick, simple, and precise. The system is activated for all UAE citizens who use the airport and participate in an airline’s frequent flyer program.

Processing happens more swiftly when there is more space between the iris readers and the passengers. Iris ID’s iCAM D1000 iris and facial feature capturing device takes pictures between 0.5 and 1 meter away with a simple user interface and real-time visual feedback.

According to Azzeh, Middle Eastern women have long-standing customs that support the use of iris-based treatments. Fingerprint technology is hampered by the use of henna to produce exquisite, yet transient artwork on women’s hands.

He says, “Many Muslim women also wear a niqab as part of their hijab, which conceals their face except for their eyes. That almost prohibits the use of facial recognition.”

Middle Eastern banks are pioneering the use of iris-based biometric at ATMs in order to eliminate the need for cards and PINs. Qatar National Bank, a leading financial institution in the area, has begun implementing Iris ID’s iris recognition technology at banking institutions across three continents.

According to Azzeh, bank customers must complete a one-time registration process at a QNB branch office to use the system. The operation takes about two minutes. Following that, users only need to look into an ATM’s built-in scanner for a few seconds to have their iris pattern validated.

He went on to say that businesses in the Middle East are following the worldwide trend of using iris-based biometric for time and attendance.

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