How Biometric Authentication Works

Security is an ever-present concern in today’s world. Increasingly, we are seeing how biometric
authentication, such as fingerprint identification, facial recognition, or DNA, is being used to enhance security systems.

Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones with touchscreens and high-definition cameras, it’s easier than ever before to implement these additional security protocols. The general public is embracing the technology as an easy way to prevent unauthorized access to accounts. In fact, 52% of consumers want banks to add fingerprint scans to banking apps.

But biometric technology goes far beyond fingerprints and facial recognition. Currently, there is advanced research being done about new and exciting ways to confirm identity. From analysis of fingernails, earlobes, and keystroke patterns, there are endless methods that are currently being explored, and each biometric has benefits and drawbacks.
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Will Biometric Authentication Finally Kill Passwords?


Biometric authentication to replace password for web and windows.

If there is one thing that can significantly increase the safety of your web or Windows experience, it is the elimination of passwords. Every day we hear stories about how network security has been compromised due to password hacks that exposes valuable personal and enterprise data. Let’s face it, passwords are weak and they should be eliminated. The U.S. government has also recognized the issue with passwords and White House Cyber-security Coordinator Michael Daniel said in June that he’s on a mission to “kill the password dead”.
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