Installation Guides Are Key Documents For Biometric Software Deployments

The Importance of the Software Installation Phase

In the world of software, few things are more important than following directions when you are in the installation phase.  In the world of biometric software, following installation instructions can make or break your experience and the overall functionality of the system.  As biometric software and hardware providers, M2SYS Technology has  gone to great lengths to ensure that our installation guides are clear, easy to understand and comprehensive without being overwhelming and confusing.  Even though we try our best to be clear and succinct with our instructions, we still run across end users who contact us for support that have not fully read the installation guides or followed the proper steps to successfully install our biometric software.  We are happy to help in any way we can, but also want to empower end users with information and knowledge to understand the installation process and create a smooth experience that could potentially be disrupted by snafus and problems which could otherwise be avoided.

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The Impact Of Biometric Technology On Accurate Patient Identification In Health Care

What’s Often Missing From The Health Care Debate

Flip on the TV set, turn on the radio or surf the Internet these days and it’s hard to not hear someone talking about or people debating the topic of rising health care costs in America.  Just this past spring, Congress passed a historic health care bill that promises sweeping changes in the industry to help drive down costs and make health care more accessible and affordable to people that live in this country.  For all of the talk about medical malpractice and practicing more efficient care, overhauling Medicare reimbursements, the effect of pre-existing conditions on the newly insured, the inability of insurance companies to cap lifetime benefits and many other topics, there is inadequate coverage of another very important topic that contributes to the rise of health care costs in this country – patient misidentification and health care identity fraud.

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Biometric News Resources And Bloggers To Follow

Staying on top of the news in your field is hard work these days.  The Internet and other news sources have exploded with bloggers, pundits, sites and portals dedicated to covering every subject you could ever dream of.  With all of the information rushing at you and the seemingly thousands of choices available, how do you sift through the masses to find the news, research, opinion and commentaries that are the most relevant, balanced and fair for the subject matter that means the most to you?

Well, the truth is that everyone has their own opinion as to which resources are the most informative and personal preference of who to follow and what to read.  In the world of biometrics, here are some news sites, blogs and portals that we at M2SYS Technology like to read for up-to-date news and opinions:

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Biometric Solutions In The Retail Point Of Sale (POS) Environment

POS Software Must Be Agile, Accurate and Secure

Modern day retail point of sale software systems have come a long way over the years.  Transactional complexities and nuances of the retail industry requires sophisticated technology that performs a myriad of functions and most importantly, assures that safety, security, accountability, reliability and accuracy are paramount.  The fast paced world of today’s POS environments demands user-friendly software that can handle transactions with agility to maximize profits without sacrificing precision.  Every second and every penny counts within POS systems and end users want to have the faith and peace of mind that the technology they use is going to ensure maximum returns on investment (ROI) and build sustainable profit margins while at the same time minimizing fraud and waste.

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Detailed Answers To Our Biometric True/False Quiz On Facebook

Thank you for taking our 1st Biometric True/False quiz on our Facebook page!  If you have stumbled on this blog post and have yet to take the quiz, please point your browser to this link and then return to our blog for detailed explanations of why a question is “true” or “false.”

This quiz will be the first in a series of quizzes to test your knowledge on biometrics while giving you a slice of education on the topic at the same time.  We welcome any suggestions or ideas for quiz topics, questions to include or any other feedback on the quiz.  Hey, just get in touch with us if you want to shoot the breeze.

So without further adieu, here are the detailed answers to our 1st “Biometrics True/False” quiz:

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