Detailed Answers To Our Biometric True/False Quiz On Facebook

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1. True or False – When my biometric template is created, an image is stored somewhere that a criminal can steal.

Answer – False.

At the time of enrollment in a biometric system, the template of your biometric identity (fingerprint, fingervein, palm vein, iris pattern, etc.) is stored on a computer server as an encrypted mathematical algorithm which is nearly impossible to be stolen and reverse engineered.

2. True or False – It is easy for someone to fake my fingerprint and fool a biometric reader to think it’s me.

Answer – False

A biometric fingerprint is nearly impossible to replicate.  The sophistication of the encryption technology and the security measures built into the software render it nearly impossible to be replicated or “tricked” by a criminal.

3.  True or False – Palm vein readers and iris recognition have lower False Acceptance Rates than fingerprint readers.

Answer – True

“False Acceptance Rates” (FAR) are defined as the measure of the likelihood that a biometric security system will incorrectly accept an access attempt by an unauthorized user.  Both fingervein (0.0001%) and palm vein (0.00008%) biometric technology have significantly lower FAR’s than fingerprint recognition (.0042% for the M2SYS Easy-Scan fingerprint reader).

4.  True or False – Scanning your finger or palm thorough a biometric vein scanner causes cancer.

Answer – False

Scanning your finger or palm through a biometric vein scanner does not cause cancer from the near infrared light that is used to create the image of your vein pattern.  In fact, infrared light is used in some settings to heal cancer patients and treat many common ailments (joint aches, neck pain, osteoarthritis, muscle aches, etc) through its phototherapy characteristics.  Only strong infrared radiation in certain industry high heat settings may constitute a health hazard to the eyes and vision, the extremely small amount of near infrared light generated to scan your finger or palm is in no way hazardous to your health.

5.  True or False – Your biometric information can be shared or automatically confiscated by the FBI.

Answer – False

Currently, there is no federal law, mandate, doctrine, decree or directive that would allow the FBI to access any database which contains biometric template information.  Biometric software is proprietary in nature, therefore it can only be recognized within the manufacturer’s system in a closed environment, which means that the template can only be used within that manufacturer’s system and nowhere else.

6.  True or False – Most problems with the implementation and use of biometrics is due to a lack of proper training or education.

Answer – True

Surprisingly to most, the majority of issues and difficulties that arise from using biometrics are due to inefficient training and education on how to properly install, utilize and maintain the biometric system.  It is generally assumed that if there is a problem with biometric software or hardware, it lies within the program or device but in actuality the problem more often is due to an end user not following installation instructions or not properly maintaining their hardware to set it up properly and maximize its lifespan.

7.  True or False – A biometric system will not work for 100% of our population.

Answer – True

Due to the variances that exist in an individual’s skin condition, the  fingerprint biometric modality may not be the single solution for an end user using a biometric solution for a particular need.  Skin conditions vary according to climate, ethnicity, race and work environments and may make it difficult for one biometric modality to be used effectively for an entire population.  That’s why it’s important to deploy a biometric engine such as the M2SYS Hybrid Biometric Platform that allows you to run multiple biometric modalities off of the same server at the same time.  For example, with Hybrid Biometric Platform you can use a fingerprint scanner for individuals with normal skin conditions and simultaneously have a fingervein or palm vein reader plugged into the same PC or laptop for those individuals with dry, damaged or cracked skin.

8.  True or False – – I can’t afford a biometric system, it’s too expensive.

Answer – False

The Return On Investment (ROI) achieved from using biometrics such as increased security, efficiency and productivity should be factored into your decision to invest in a biometric system, not simply what the upfront cost may be.

9.  True or False – 195,000+ annual U.S. deaths are due to medical errors- 60% were failure to correctly identify the patient.

Answer – True

More and more hospitals, health care facilities and Doctor’s offices are adopting biometric technology to ensure 100% accuracy in the identification of their patients to prevent tragedies like this from occurring.  In addition, biometric technology in a health care setting helps significantly reduce the estimated 250,000 Americans each year who are victims of healthcare identity fraud which costs the U.S. economy approximately $468 million each year.

10.   True or False – Fingerprint identification methodology has been around since the 19th century.

Answer – True

Sir Francis Galton, the British scientist and mathematician developed the first fingerprint identification methodology in 1892.

So how did you do on the quiz?  Was it helpful?

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