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The Impact of Biometric Technology on the Marketing Industry

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Biometric technology is an ever-evolving industry that is starting to be leveraged in the marketing industry. Over the next 2 years, 64% of smartphones will include facial recognition features compared to the 5% of smartphones that had it in 2017. According to FaceFirst, consumers are also starting to realize the value of this technology. More than 54% of Americans plan to use it to protect their personal data. The retail industry is analyzing this data and trying to find opportunities to utilize the technology for its stores. SAP Innovation Lab has a smart eyewear product that can feed employees’ customer metrics. This technology is being developed to not only recognize the customers face but to also track them as a “session” to help create sales-cycle analytics.


This infographic is submitted by  Adam Stetzer, Ph.D., CEO & Founder of HubShout, LLC

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