Why You Should Use Employee Monitoring Software for Remote Work and In Office

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It is no secret that employee monitoring software has been a godsend for employers to monitor and manage remote employees. But it is important to remember that employee monitoring software is not only limited to those employees that work remotely. Managers and employers are also able to use employee monitoring software to better monitor and manage those employees that are present and working in the workplace. When people first started working from home at the beginning of the pandemic the demand for employee monitoring software increased significantly, but now that restrictions have started to ease in certain areas employee monitoring software can also greatly benefit organizations that have returned to their offices.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software In Office

There are multiple ways that employee monitoring software can be beneficial for those working in the office. These benefits include the managing of projects, the increase of productivity and accountability levels within the workplace, and reviewing performance, as well as producing a controlled and positive working environment.



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Solid and efficient project management can be established and enforced through the use of employee monitoring tools in the workplace. Employee monitoring software that offers built-in task/project management modules makes it possible and easier for employers to create task teams, assign tasks to respective task teams, as well as track the progress of and time spent on these assigned tasks. Whether these task teams are working in the office or remotely, employee monitoring software enables employers to accurately pinpoint projects as well as address and resolve any issues that arise during the completion of these assignments.

Employee monitoring software also plays a significant role in productivity and accountability levels amongst all employees. This is because employees are aware that they are being monitored during work hours and are encouraged to put their best foot forward and complete their assigned tasks in a timely manner. Because employee monitoring software allows for a distributed workforce, levels of accountability between task team members increase, and employees are encouraged to rely more and more on one another.

Employee monitoring software enables objective and fair performance reviews, as managers can use it to identify the level of performance of each employee according to the time worked and standard of tasks completed. This makes it easy for employers to identify employees that are excelling and those that are either struggling to cope with the assigned workload or those that procrastinate and focus on meaningless tasks.

Lastly, employee monitoring software makes it easy to establish a controlled and positive work environment. Organization owners and employers are able to establish ground rules with regards to employee time check-ins and check-outs, employee engagement levels, and office spirit and culture to ensure that all staff members work in harmony together.

CloudDesk Employee Monitoring Software

The CloudDesk® remote employee monitoring software provides real-time visibility into distributed workforce activities to increase productivity, improve compliance, and optimize performance. This cloud-based solution is excellent for remote and in-office employees and enables employers to monitor employee engagement and employee time check-ins and check-outs. This software also provides its users with extremely useful decision making and performance evaluation data such as random screenshots, employee facial ID verification, and employee web and app usage monitoring. These features contribute a significant amount to the levels of productivity and accountability in the workplace. For more information regarding this excellent software, please visit the m2sys contact page.

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