5 Factors to Consider While Building a Remote Team

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Are you planning to build a remote team? Adopting a remote setup often creates a dilemma for a business. On one hand, it sounds lucrative due to the many benefits of going remote. On the contrary, you might be thinking that a remote team could hamper the smooth operation of your business. This kind of dilemma is common for everyone who thinks about going remote. In this post, we have described the five most important factors to consider while building a remote team that will surely eliminate your dilemma. 

1. Use the Right Tool

Without using the right tool, you cannot ensure the smooth operation of your business after going remote. The right tool can help you to manage your remote team smoothly and efficiently. CloudDesk is the remote employee monitoring software which will be the right tool for managing your remote team. With this software, your employees can check-in from their remote location. The check-in requires face verification, which eliminates employee fraud. 

CloudDesk provides a productive time tracker that will help your employees stay productive and focused. At the end of the day, you can see the whole company performance from the robust insights. Take action based on those factual insights. With CloudDesk employee monitoring software, you can operate your remote team smoothly. So, consider deploying CloudDesk if you are building a remote team. 


2. Consider the Size While Building a Remote Team

There is no hard and fast rule for the team size. A team of 10 or a team of 1000 or more can go remote. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen many big firms like Google and Facebook go remote. However, regardless of size, consider factors that can create problems in the future, like miscommunication, meetings, collaborations, etc. Make policies for these so that you can avoid those problems from the beginning and can run your remote team smoothly

3. Types of remote setup

The type of your remote team matters for how you operate your business. There are three common types seen across the world. Decide which type you will consider for your remote team. 

  1. Fully Remote Team – In a fully remote team, everyone goes remote. The whole office runs remotely. The meetings are done by video conferencing, collaboration is done by emails, and team management is done by the employee monitoring software
  2. Partial Remote Option – This comes as another option for the team members. Many companies offer a day for remote work. A team member can work remotely once a week. 
  3. Partial Remote Team – In this type, the office runs two types of team. Half of the office or some portion work remotely and other parts of the team work from the office.   



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4. Budget and Benefits

Plan your budget for the remote team. The best part of the remote team is you can save money on real estate, maintenance costs, and office furniture and supplies. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize that money in your business. Since you are saving your money from these fixed costs, you can turn those costs into the benefits scheme for your remote team, like remote office setup allowance, internet allowance, etc. Plan how you are going to spend all this money for the company benefits before going remote. 

5. Employees’ Preference

An employee’s preference to work remote matters. Research has shown that employees prefer remote work more. According to the survey, 37% of people would switch their job if they had the option to work remotely. Regardless of these statistics, you should talk to your team about going remote. Consider their preference, discuss which option they want to take, and how they like to collaborate. You can also ask for a candidate’s preference in the interview about remote work and consider that before going remote. 

Remote work is beneficial both for companies and for their employees. Companies can save money and employees get motivated by working remotely. Remote work is the new normal for businesses across the world. Businesses get several benefits from a remote setup. If managing employees is holding you back to open a remote team, use CloudDesk. It’s the only software that eases your remote team management and boosts productivity. CloudDesk offers a free trial for 14 days. So, try it now and start your remote team today. 

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