Two-thirds Of Businesses Haven’t Yet Digitized Their Visitor Management

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While visitor management is more complex and difficult than ever for businesses around the world, a new survey by Crown Records Management, a national digital transformation expert based in the United Kingdom, found that two-thirds of business facilities have not yet digitized the process yet.

Businesses’ facilities and employees have demonstrated resilience as they adjusted to hybrid working. However, the pressure to collect increasingly detailed visitor data, including in some cases Covid or vaccination status, remains as businesses consider how best to make employees feel safe in the workplace.

According to a survey taken by Crown Records Management, Several businesses are either unable or are yet to ready to manage data. The key findings disclosed:

  • Only 34% of businesses claim to have digitized their visitor management process.
  • This figure was even lower in the FM sector (16%) and the legal sector (32%), but higher in healthcare (40%) and retail (42 percent).
  • Visitor management was identified by 20% of businesses as the area of the business that would benefit the most from digital transformation. Retail had a higher percentage of 32%, and healthcare had a 28%.

Visitor management is becoming an increasingly important topic for businesses across almost all industries, so these figures are worrying. The need to collect more data than ever before is a challenge, and despite the relaxation of restrictions, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Companies that still rely on paper trails, such as visitor sign-in sheets, will soon discover them overwhelmed and unable to run visitor reports or track visitor access. They may also encounter difficulties when asked to provide information when is required to protect both visitors and employees.

As the government considers its options for controlling the pandemic during the winter months, the situation could become even more complicated. It will be exciting to see if ideas like double vaccination proof or touchless visitor identification are also directions of travel for the workplace, as this adds another level to visitor information.

The good news is that a digitized visitor management system with touchless identification technology is now available, which can save time, transform the visitor experience, and protect businesses from data threats.

According to the survey results, many companies have put off investing in digital solutions, possibly to prioritize other areas of the business. As offices adapt to a changing landscape, it is important that visitor management rises up the agenda.

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The author leads the digital marketing team at M2SYS Technology and an occasional blogger. He is passionate about writing various government and enterprise biometric identity management technology adoption related topics and the changes it brings on the general people’s lives.

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