Seven Ways To Improve Office Facility Management Operations

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Catherine works in an office building in a major metropolitan area. She has been the vice president of human resources (HR) at this company for six months and is still overjoyed that she chose this position over the other two offers.

Though her salary is slightly lower, she understands that a positive work environment improves a “total package.” She had done her homework on the building, which included reading the local blog, Best Buildings To Work In.

Today and every day, as she walks through the entrance, she smiles at the thriving flowers and plants such a lovely combination each season. Her company does not provide a reserved parking spot for executives, but she quickly finds a spot in the well-lit and well-designed deck.

Her reasonable monthly fee comes from her paycheck. She admires the free parking and easy access for visitors, particularly when someone is coming in for a job interview.

The walkway is nice and clean, and the glass and brass on the swinging doors are shinning. The elevators are always functional!, and the lobby has a beautiful marble floor.

She appreciates that her office maintains a consistent, comfortable temperature, is dust-free, and smells fresh. Her allergies aren’t bothering her like they were at her previous job. The stall door closes and locks easily, there’s plenty of toilet paper, as usual, the granite countertops aren’t wet, there’s soap in the touch-free dispenser, and there aren’t any paper towels on the floor… Everything is spotless. The “green cleaning” sticker on the mirror is appreciated by her.

It’s convenient for her to work in HR because she never receives complaints about the workplace. In fact, she frequently receives compliments. Employees are especially grateful for the opportunity to work in a LEED-certified building.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

That doesn’t seem too good to be true… Not if you’re an executive or the facility manager who has a professional partner working in the background to keep your office building looking good and running smoothly. The right provider contributes to the enhancement of an organization’s brand and creates employee and customer loyalty.

7        Ways To improve office facility management

  1. Common areas, restrooms, and office space should be immaculate: Janitorial service is both an art and a science, so look for a provider that has well-trained employees who use the right processes, tools, and equipment, as well as Green Seal or other verified sustainable cleaning products.
  2. Comfortable temperature in all seasons: Employees should not have to wear woolly socks or keep space heaters under their desks during the winter. And the air conditioning should not be freezy or stuffy in the summer.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems require regular preventive maintenance in order to operate at peak performance for maximum comfort. Better energy efficiency and a longer system life of the system will be a bonus to your business.

  1. Just right in lighting: Lighting that is not too shadowy,  too glaring, or not color-distorting is essential. Employees must be able to see their computers, papers, and other items without causing eye strain. Lighting should create a productive mood. Again, improved energy efficiency will be the result of a well-designed and maintained system.
  2. Landscaping that makes people feel welcome: Your grounds provide employees and customers with an immediate visual representation of your brand. Professional landscaping demonstrates to visitors and employees that you pay attention to detail, whether you’re going for just a clean, fresh look or the “wow” factor.
  3. For safe and convenient parking, use valet parking, shuttles, or parking management. There’s nothing worse than circling a parking lot or ending up in a dimly lit corner of a deck’s lower level. A parking vendor can assist you in resolving issues and bringing visitors and employees into the building with a smile on their faces.
  4. Other eco-aware surroundings or LEED-certified: The importance of green buildings cannot be overstated. When the indoor air quality is excellent, employees are healthier, happier, and more productive. It’s just good business to reduce your carbon footprint. Businesses that are socially responsible attract the most discerning employees and customers, which improves your marketing and recruiting efforts.
  5. Maintain workplace safety compliance: It’s apparent that safety and health hazards can exist on worksites, which is why it’s critical to conduct regular safety audits and keep logs of safety incidents to stay compliant with safety standards like OSHA.

Finding A Trusted Partner

If you have dependable facility management software like CloudApper Facilities that can streamline all of the facility processes under one single platform, facility management leaders and anyone who spends time in a building will have a consistent quality experience.

These kinds of software can be tailored to fit your specific workflows, which is beneficial in terms of efficiency, cost, reliability, and management control. And, if you have multiple locations, they will all be treated with the same standard of excellent even from your smartphone.

A well-maintained building attracts and retains the best employees and customers, as well as ensures that everyone has a good day, every day.

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