Importance of Patient Identification in Hospitals

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How many hospitals, genuinely understand the importance of patient identification needs that are adequately recognized and followed? The answer may surprise you, and that fact is that the number of hospitals now taking account for this need is quickly rising each day. The crucial reason behind this is, accurate patient identification is extremely important in any organization, but is also a severe issue in many hospitals today.

A patient that has been misidentified can lead to a fatal error in regards to prescribing drugs or medicine. Imagine an individual in critical condition is rushed into the hospital emergency room. Without some identification on hand, it will take longer to identify him and understand his medical condition accurately. These concerns call for immediate action to determine the patients and tend to their needs entirely.

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Sometimes during an emergency, patients come in with a severe condition and doctors have little time on their hands to treat the patient. That is where accurate patient identification comes in handy the most. It potentially saves lives! Through precise identification of the patient, doctors get to know the full medical condition & history of the individual and quickly can provide the treatment they need.

Let us study another possible scenario, in where, a patient comes in with a gunshot wound in his left arm, along with another man. The doctors ask him how it happened. Pointing to the man accompanying him, the man replies his cousin accidentally shot him during a hunting expedition. Doctors treat him and release him only to discover later that the man was a wanted fugitive. If there were a proper identification process, the doctor could’ve stopped the man and informed the police.

Another crucial fact is data theft. Millions of patients have their personal data stored in a hospital that is not only sensitive but subjected to individual privacy rights. Personal information is the new oil to any business or service, and because of this data breaches are happening nearly every day. Large scale data breaches are a reality now, and these type of attacks are increasing day by day. Sometimes these breaches can create a significant impact on our lives.

So what should be the right way to identify patients in a hospital? Is there a solution that can help overcome all of these issues?

The perfect solution to this problem is CloudABIS™, a highly scalable cloud-based biometric matching system. With the help of this solution, doctors can quickly identify patients using robust biometric identification. CloudABIS™ is a multimodal biometric matching server, which means it supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm-vein, and facial recognition.

CloudABIS™ can help in different hospitals to save patient lives and also improve the doctors with their treatment by doing in quickly. This matching system performs fast, large-scale identification of fingerprint or any other biometric templates. Utilizing CloudABIS™ in hospitals benefits both the doctors and the patients. It creates an added layer of security for all the other patients and individuals at the Hospitals.

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Business Development Analyst, M2SYS Technology

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