6 Useful Tips to Combat Work-from-home Burnout

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Post pandemic, our lifestyle has changed hugely, and this includes work from home professionals, homeschooling students, children and people of different ages and jobs, all  are  staying at home and not going outside unless it is necessary. Working full-time from home has its long list of benefits and  challenges. We are constantly juggling homeschooling, cooking, taking care of many domestic matters while working from home.

There is a vast range of benefits for remote workers, which include autonomy, time flexibility, independence, no hassle of commuting, and more time for kids and family. Remote working is slowly becoming the future of work. Yet, no one says working from home is easy. If remote employees do not know how to take advantage of the benefits of working from home, they suffer from restlessness, trouble focusing and change in sleep habits. Remote workers often get burned out because they make their own routine, easily get distracted by non-work-related tasks which makes them less productive and may feel isolated from the world. The biggest struggles can be the parts of the job that are managing time, goal-setting and staying productive.

These are challenging times, especially for working parents with kids. As a remote worker and part of a hybrid team, if you do not foster healthy habits, it will be difficult for you to manage your own task and also to support your remote co-workers. That is why it is very important to have effective strategies to combat work from home burnout, help yourself remain productive while still maintaining work-life balance. Here are 6 useful tips in which you can avoid burnout and stay positive while working from home.



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    1. Create a routine: Although you are not going to the physical office space still it is very important to develop a routine for the day. Having a regular wake-up time organizes your day and keeps you on the right track. Before you start working in time, ensure that you dress up or at least change your sleepwear. Create a dedicated workstation to make you feel in the office. Try to strictly keep your work hours and restrict all non-work activities that could interfere with your time. The development and adherence to a routine is essential for improved performance and avoids burnout, to help you stay mentally refreshed, and has plenty of time to perform.
    2. Take Break: During your own work from home, remember to set time for daily breaks. You can feel like being sucked into work tasks without taking a break constantly will increase the burden on the workload. So make sure you take brief breaks when you need to remain on the job and be efficient. You should stretch out your body, take a 5-minute stroll into your room or take a cup of tea or coffee. These short breaks will refresh and recharge your resources for a productive working environment.
    3. Set Boundaries: Different studies have shown that remote employees appear to work longer than in-office employees. If a clear distinction between working hours and personal life is not made, this can be a major reason for employee burnout. Set limits between work and time at home, so that work e-mails, phone calls, video meetings, or incomplete plans do not disrupt your personal time. This helps to maintain motivation for the next day’s work.

  1. Practice Self-Care: Always be good to yourself, You can read books, walk, drive, cook, or anything you can do to alleviate your stress, only take one to two hours to do something that makes you happy. Reading a book could be helpful for certain people to recover, while exercise for others could reduce stress and enhance their job. In the end, concentrate on doing something that involves you in a meaningful work you love and gives pleasure and peace.
  2. Spend time with friends and family: You may feel alone when working from home. Try to chat regularly with family and friends to escape solitude. Communication deficiency is an important factor in increasing depression. Try some fun games at home with other home members and encourage each other in all ways.
  3. Prioritize wellness and eating right: You have direct connections between your health and mind. Many professionals also want to save time by taking junkies rather than consuming nutritious food. Skipping foods with many is also popular. Staying hungry for a long time without consuming nutritious food regularly can cause issues with your health and may potentially lead to future burnout. Make sure you eat enough minerals,  vitamins, protein, and fiber to make your mind feel healthy.

Burnout is very real for many employees, and if you’re feeling down, remember: there is life outside your house, and there’s a world outside your neighborhood. Be productive, punctual and sincere while you are working because that is all that matters for your company. The shift to remote working options is an active and ongoing process, however to allow employees to work remotely businesses have also taken significant movements. As a part of the hybrid team of your company that operates entirely online, we’ve software that would help companies to monitor their remote teams with great accuracy. This cloud-based remote employee monitoring software solution allows remote employees to work flexible hours, allowing employees to take breaks whenever needed. With the help of this software both employers and employees can get valuable data that would help them in many ways. The use of this software will allow you to keep track of your own working hours along with metrics that measure productivity level. The software provides features such as random screenshots, web and app usage monitoring, employee engagement level and employee facial ID verification.

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2 thoughts on “6 Useful Tips to Combat Work-from-home Burnout

  • June 10, 2021 at 9:46 am

    Whether you’re working remotely or choose the hybrid route, adapting to the new normal needs all the help it can get.
    Since the beginning of quarantine, we have been working remotely, which was a great decision given how many options there are now for productive work at home.

    • September 27, 2021 at 5:38 am

      Yes I agree with you! Companies need to pay special attention to the efficiency of employees, regardless of whether it is remotely or in the office. It’s great that now there are many methods to improve efficiency when employees feel motivated and willing to work at the same time.


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